Writer Erik Wolpaw leaves Valve

Writer Erik Wolpaw leaves Valve

Erik Wolpaw, writer for Valve’s Portal and Left 4 Dead series’ among others, has departed the company today according to multiple sources. The most convincing source being his own Facebook page, which says he’s left Valve.

There were earlier reports that fellow Valve writer Jay Pinkerton had also left, but these suggestions appear to have jumped the gun. On his twitter account, Wolpaw himself states that Pinkerton has not departed (“stop sending him concerned emails!”)

Before joining Gabe and chums, Wolpaw was one half (with current Valve writer Chet Faliszek) of the exceptional videogames site Old Man Murray. He may have written parts of Portal¬†and Psychonauts (when at DoubleFine), but, as far as I’m concerned, Erik Wolpaw’s most enduring contribution to the industry is the 100% Objective Crate Review System.

There’s no indication yet what he’ll be doing next, or even if it’s a videogame related thing.

  • Richard N

    I mean… what has he been doing at Valve for the last couple years? Regardless, good luck whatever he does.

    • https://www.pcinvasion.com Peter Parrish

      Writing things like Team Fortress 2 comics, I guess.

    • Tim McDonald

      Writing games that haven’t been released because Valve gets bored and moves onto other stuff, probably?

  • Freeman4096

    no place for game devs in platform maintaining company.