September 28th, 2018

WTF is happening with Paragon? Is Tencent continuing Chinese development?

WTF is happening with Paragon? Is Tencent continuing Chinese development?

WTF is happing with Paragon? This is a question players have been asking for the past few week since Epic announced it was shutting down EU and North American servers on 26 April. It’s also worth pointing out that Epic has already shut down the Oceanic servers early.

Since the announcement, all eyes have been in China and Tencent because in China Paragon is still running and it’s still in beta. In fact, Paragon appears to be doing rather well in China with 5 million games having been played over the period of 42 days.

Players in Europe and North America, they have received mixed messages about what’s happening with Paragon in China after Epic’s Mark Rein told Paragon streamer Sylphin that the game was shutting down everywhere, including China. I tried to confirm that but did not get a response. On the other hand, Tencent is ploughing ahead with their beta test with the Chinese version of the game. WTF is going on?

This week Tencent is taking Paragon offline for a break, around 16 February,  but according to their messaging, the game will be coming back in a couple of months for an open beta test. Chinese players have also just had the Morigesh character added to the hero roster which is not a sign of a game about to be shut down. However, they may just never put it back online once it comes down which would be a rather sly move.

While this indicates there is still hope for Paragon in China, Tencent is not answering questions about the future of the game which has the Chinese community a little confused.

Paragon China

The theory circulating is that the game assets and IP have been handed over to Tencent in China. Tencent owns a large stake in Epic Games so it would not be unreasonable to assume that the game has been sold to Tencent in China. Paragon could then continue in China after the 26 April when the EU and US servers are shut down by Epic.

As the 26 April gets closer, Tencent could make an announcement stating the game is being shut down in China or announce they are continuing development for the Chinese market. If they announce that the game will be closed in China then there will be a lot of unhappy Chinese Paragon players who will feel they have been misled by Tencent’s current messaging on the status of the game.

Epic has made a right hash of Paragon and the way in which the closure has been handled. The community wants answers, and to be honest, after all the bullshit they had to put up with during the game’s development from Epic, they deserve it.  Although most western players are resigned to the fact it’s never coming back, some players have been attempting to play on the Chinese servers.

There were guides on how to get on the Chinese closed beta which involved jumping through a lot of hoops on the Chinese Paragon site. Still, some persevered and managed to secure a place to see what it would actually play like. In general, feedback has not been great from players who tried playing on the Chinese server from the EU and US. Anyone who tries this can expect a ping of around 300 to 400.

For other ex-Paragon players, they have been frantically looking around for a game that could offer a similar kind of MOBA experience only to find there are none. SMITE comes the closest, but to be honest, it doesn’t offer the same type of gameplay and verticality.

Some community members have decided it’s time to make a new game that captures the excitement of Paragon and so Visionary Games was born. Visionary Games are currently the best hope for players. While there’s not really anything to show at the moment, the group did release a small concept art teaser. Not much I know, but it has only been a couple of weeks since Epic dropped the closure bombshell on Paragon players.

What everyone really wants to know is whether Tencent is going to carry on with Paragon, and if it becomes a hit over there, would they think about re-releasing it for the western market?  Epic and Tencent need to come clean because players who did support the game deserve better. As of now, Epic’s operation of the game is shutting down regardless but what happens in China remains to be seen.

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      every other flippin article is about Epic … how much they pay for this bs … do I need to just give up on PC Invasion ? … the worst part is you all can’t seem to properly cover any of it …. 1) Epic lost info, 2) Fortnite servers suck, 3) Paragon no 1 plays, yet everyday you have another article and more publicity …

      Epic Failure is their trend and yet the articles paint a different story,

      Today you try and convince ppl a horrid and boring game has soo many people looking for a replacement, when if it actually had a group of players the game wouldn’t be getting scrapped …. (REALITY)

      You give all this attention to a dead game and barely cover the info lost, or the broken servers on their flagship game …

      word of advice : PC GAMER is “KNOWN” for promoting games for $$$ and not quality, they lost most of their viewers from these practices … all day long you can look at their reviews and 9’s for games that don’t sell or aren’t liked such as games like Thumper …

      bottom line is if you sell out to do pieces for industry, people can see the bias and will have no desire to read or come back to this site …. wake up or get dragged down with the rest of the losers

      • Paul Younger

        I have no idea wtf you are harping on about. As an avid Paragon player, I am well within my rights to share my opinion. It was horrid and boring in your opinion, but not in mine or thousands of other players.

        As for being biased. I think you should read more of the site if you seriously think that. A lot of sites take money for editorial, and but this is not one of them. What we do write about is stuff we are interested in and topics that may be considered interesting.

        We have talked about broken servers and problems in Fortnite on many, many occasions. This article is certainly not praising Epic. Far from it.

        • Joseph Long

          I read your site frequently …. Peter Parrish did a review of Dawn of War 3 and gave it 7/10 … here less than a year later the game has been abandoned by developers … Why does the front page online of PC Invasion have soo many Epic articles ??? … 1 out of 4 approx.

          Look genius I am a reader … the person who your job relies upon … my opinion beats yours … or explain what happens if me and others quit reading which I explained before PC Gamer has lost tons of …. ?

          • Paul Younger

            I have no idea what Peter’s review had to do with Relic no longer supporting a game. As far as I know Peter doesn’t have a direct hotline to Relic to tell them where to spend their money on for future projects. As for PC Gamer, nobody here gives a toss what PC Gamer is doing of what their failings are. Take it up with their Editor if you have a problem with their editorial direction.

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              Don’t waste your breath, he’s someone who has tickets on themselves. He’s banging on about PC Gamer who he’s clearly got a beef with but he’s wrong on their hits, they’ve increased over the last year.

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              Today you try and convince ppl a horrid and boring game has soo many people looking for a replacement, when if it actually had a group of players the game wouldn’t be getting scrapped …. (REALITY)

              since when is stating truth not contributing … oh yeah , to liars

      • FloridaOJ

        There’s this thing called ROE (Return on Equity).

        Paragon’s concurrent players was competitive with SMITE. The difference is that HI-REZ doesn’t have a Fortnite in their deck. They don’t have an alternative project that has a higher ROE… so while 13,000 players or 130,000 players at a time might be good for HI-REZ, EPIC has more money to make elsewhere.

        From an accounting standpoint, they couldn’t legally continue the Paragon project with the standing projections. Management is beholden to shareholders and if the shareholders feel like their resources (money) isn’t being managed effectively… people lose jobs and/or lawsuits can occur.

        All of that is to say, relative success is a big consideration. Without a Fortnite like title to obscure the financials, a project like Paragon would be a boon to most developers, so phrases like “if it actually had a blah blah blah” <- ignorant and baseless. Over 30,000 players signed a petition to keep the game going. Using statistical extrapolation, based on expected participation rates in surveys and petitions, that indicates an interested player base over 250,000 players.

        Do you know de way?

      • Arbyte

        just registered to this site to tell you what a whiny ass bitch you are. how pathetic do you have to be to react like that.. to something like this..

    • Toe_Tag_

      @@pcinvasion-eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3:disqus What do you make of this?

      Mobile version I think. If you open it on your phone you can move the screen around and touch to move character.

      • Paul Younger

        Yeh I had a play around on this. There are so many different sections on the Chinese site, it’s mental.

    • Mnstrzero00

      I’m surprised that they didn’t add the quote from epic ceo to sylphin saying that paragon will not continue in any form.

      • Paul Younger

        I mentioned that in the post.

        • Mnstrzero00

          oops sorry

          • Paul Younger

            Nps 🙂

    • DAZ

      Hey that logo looks like the screenshot i made and used in my Reddit and Facebook posts lol

      This recent closure of Closed Beta announced a few days ago, it is something we already knew about back in December, it was always going to run Dec-Feb, they haven’t mentioned an Open Beta yet, but it seems very likely given how popular the game is in China right now, we just gotta wait and see i guess =D

    • B. Martin

      i wish someone would save this game, i love it