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Wuthering Waves Freezing Frost Echo locations and farming route

Allow me to break the ice.

The Glacio is my favorite attribute in Wuthering Waves, and the Freezing Frost Echo uses it quite well. To learn the farming locations and route of the Freezing Frost Echo in Wuthering Waves, this guide can help.

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All farming locations and the route for Freezing Frost Echo in Wuthering Waves

Earning this Echo can benefit Resonators like Sanhua and Baizhi. Plus as you level up, Glacio damage can be seen as important. However, unlike looking for things like Wintery Bell, you’re going to have to travel far and wide. This is because three enemies need to be hunted to get the Freezing Frost Echo. 

Before going any further, let’s focus on three you have to find.

  • Roseshroom
  • Autopuppet Scout
  • Tambourinist

Best locations to farm for the Freezing Frost Echo 


The Roseshroom is one of the more common enemy types and can be found in a lot of places. However, you’ll have a great amount of luck looking in Central Plains, Tiger’s Maw, and Desorock Highland. There are five areas so far in these regions to look at. By following the maps below, you can get to the destinations in no time.

Locating the first three may be a little spread out, but they’re somewhat in the same area. One spot is by the north entrance of Jinzhou near the waypoint. The second is east of Jinzhou in Tiderise Cliff. If you use the waypoint here, go southeast of it. For the last one in this region, head to the desert biome, and go west of Reargaurd Base. The hunting spot should be north of the waypoint here. 

Wuthering Waves Freezing Frost Echo locations and farming route
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Spots number four and five are near each other. Both are beside Tiger Maw’s Mine and east of Donglu Research Station. The area you’re going to prioritize is near the water

Wuthering Waves Freezing Frost Echo locations and farming route
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Autopuppet Scout

Now, the areas to hunt these elite enemies seem more stretched out. However, a few of them are slightly near each other. Unlike the Roseshroom, these enemies are rarer. 

To find the first two spots to farm for Autopuppet Scotes, head to Hermit Settlement, which is in the south. Make your way south from the waypoint. From there, you should enter an area where these enemies appear. After, keeping on heading south towards Lollo Warehouse. There should be some scouts right near the waypoint

Wuthering Waves Freezing Frost Echo locations and farming route
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Make your way northeast to Waving Battlefield. Head past this location by still going east. You should see another Autopuppet Scout roaming around. North of Platue Ruins and west of Port Guncho there will be another area where Autopuppet Scouts are. However, if you’re coming from the waypoint, go south from it

Wuthering Waves Autopuppet 21
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The final area should be north of Qichi Village in the Desorock Highland. Make your way near the water that borders the desert area. A single Autopuppet Scout should be there. 

Wuthering Waves Autopuppet 31
Screenshot: PC Invasion


Finding the areas to target farm the Tambourinist is surprisingly easier than the other two. There are five spots to look into. The best part, all areas are grouped up independently.

Let’s start with the first two. Make your way to the Forbidden Forest, which is located south of the map. The first area you want to look at will be directly north of the waypoint. For the second spot, head northwest from where you are. It should be near your initial location. 

Wuthering Waves Tambourinst1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

For the last three locations, navigate to the Sea of Flames. It’ll be farther, but northwest of where you are. If you’re walking in from the main entrance, head right and you’ll see an area covered with Fusion Warriors. However, if you’re coming from the waypoint inside the Sea of Flames, go left and then right upwards. In this same spot, climb up the building to find another location. This last Tambourinist is on the next building of the one where just on. So climb it and get ready for a fight. 

Wuthering Waves Tambourinst 21
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While you’re looking to find these areas, keep an eye out for Dreamless Feathers in Wuthering Waves

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