Wuthering Waves Tower Of Adversity Stable Zone
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Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity (Stable Zone) guide

How to beat all four floors.

Tower of Adversity is the main endgame mode in Wuthering Waves. Similar to Spiral Abyss and Memory of Chaos in Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, Tower of Adversity features a range of increasingly difficult challenges to master that regularly refresh.

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Before you can access the real meat of the Tower of Adversity, however, you must clear all four floors of the Stable Zone. This is essentially the tutorial section for Tower of Adversity, preparing you for the real thing later on. It’s still quite a challenge for new players, though, and you’ll need a decent roster of Resonators to clear it with all 12 Crests.

How to Beat Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves

To clear each floor of Tower of Adversity, all you need to do is defeat every enemy without dying. You’ll get additional Crests for defeating the enemies fast enough, though, and you should aim to clear the floor with at least two and a half minutes (150 seconds) remaining for the maximum possible reward. There’s an Interference bonus effect active in the Stable Zone of Tower of Adversity that will help you out.

FloorsInterference Effect
1-2When Resonators’ HP is above 75%, Crit Rate is increased by 20% and Crit DMG by 65%.
3-4When Resonators’ HP is above 75%, ATK is increased by 30% and Energy Regen by 50%.

As long as your HP bars are topped off, you’ll get a huge damage buff. Shields and healing are key here. You can’t just spam the same three units for each floor, however, since each Resonator only has 10 points of Vigor (energy). The harder the floor, the more Vigor it costs to bring a character. You’ll need five or six decent characters to clear the Stable Zone.

Floor 1

Wuthering Waves Tower Of Adversity Stable Zone 1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The first floor of the Stable Zone features a group of level 35 Exiles, two of which are resistant to Electro damage. We recommend this easy F2P lineup to clear this floor.

  • Rover (Spectro)
  • Baizhi
  • Chixia

With this lineup, Chixia and Rover can focus on DPS while Baizhi heals everyone and ensures you constantly have access to the Interference buff. You can swap in 5-star Resonators like Lingyang, Encore, or Jiyan if you have them to make things easier. Remember that there are Electro resistant foes on this floor, so we’d recommend avoiding Calcharo and Yuanwu. As long as your units are all level 40, you should clear this floor without breaking a sweat.

Floor 2

Wuthering Waves Tower Of Adversity Stable Zone 2
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The second floor features a Diamondclaw, Sabyr Board, and Young Roseshroom. The Roseshroom is resistant to Havoc damage, so avoid units like Taoqi. Just bring your favorite DPS units here and you’ll clear without issue. Try this lineup if you’re struggling.

  • Rover
  • Baizhi
  • Chixia

The same F2P team works for this floor as long as you have them built with decent Echoes. Make sure they’re all level 40. If you have a 5-star DPS unit like Encore, Calcharo, or Lingyang, use them instead of Rover or Chixia to make things even easier. Remember to keep everyone’s HP above 75% for the Interference buff.

Floor 3

Wuthering Waves Tower Of Adversity Stable Zone 3
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The third Stable Zone floor is the first real challenge you’ll face in this Tower of Adversity tutorial, and we really recommend having a team of level 50 units to easily obtain all three Crests here. Still, you can manage at level 40 if you have good Echoes. Plus, there are no elemental resistances here! Try this team lineup to clear this stage easily.

  • Calcharo
  • Baizhi
  • Mortefi

Baizhi remains a must-pick for the Stable Zone since she’s the best F2P healer, but swap her out with Verina or Jianxin if you have them. Calcharo and Mortefi will make quick work of this floor’s enemies since Calcharo is an incredibly strong DPS unit and Mortefi’s Outro Skill buffs Calcharo’s already strong Heavy Attack. Any solid DPS unit works in place of Calcharo though, so just bring your favorite.

Floor 4

Wuthering Waves Tower Of Adversity Stable Zone 4
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The fourth and final floor of the Stable Zone is the final exam to ensure that you’re prepared for the real Wuthering Waves endgame. You’re up against a Rocksteady, Electro Predator, and Glacio Predator with Spectro, Electro, and Glacio resistances respectively. You’ll need to bring the right combination of units to succeed here, and they should all be level 50 with good Echoes. Try this team lineup if you’re having trouble.

  • Jianxin
  • Calcharo
  • Sanhua

With this lineup, Jianxin will keep the team healed and shielded so you can maintain the Interference buff. Start the battle with Sanhua, who’s a strong Glacio DPS on her own but really shines in this team composition. Her Outro Skill buffs Basic Attacks, which is great for Jianxin. Swap to her and build up her shield. Then, swap to Calcharo for massive DPS. Jianxin’s Outro Skill buffs Resonance Liberation damage, which is Calcharo’s specialty.

Rinse and repeat that swap order until the enemies are all defeated. Remember to keep everyone shielded and healed with Jianxin since that Interference buff is insanely strong. Also, remember elemental resistances. Use the right Resonators for the right targets. Don’t use Calcharo to attack the Electro Predator, and don’t use Sanhua to attack the Glacio Predator. As long as you follow those rules, you should be able to clear the fourth Stable Zone floor with all three Crests!

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