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Wuthering Waves When the Moonlight Shines in the Forest quest guide: All moon locations

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The Moonlight Shines in the Forest quest in Wuthering Waves will have you searching for four moons. To learn all moon locations for When the Moonlight Shines in the Forest quest in Wuthering Waves, it might be a good idea to follow this guide. 

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Where to find all moon locations in When the Moonlight Shines in the Forest in Wuthering Waves

The first thing to note is that this quest isn’t like When the Forest is No Longer Dim mission in that there are far fewer moving parts this time around. However, other than facing harder enemies, the only hiccup you’ll run into is the moon locations. When you trigger the quest, you’ll only get a general area, which does make things a tad bit harder.

But don’t worry, I’ll go into detail on where to start the quest and all the locations of all four moons. So settle in.

How to initiate Moonlight Shines in the Forest in Wuthering Waves

This quest giver is located near Violet Banyan, which is in the Dim Forest location. This might be a dangerous area, so have a healer in your party to withstand any damage taken. You can check the image below for the exact location.

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It should be northwest of Giant Banyan. The NPC you’ll be looking for is named Qiaomu. When he gives you the quest, make sure you track it from the Quest menu. As mentioned, it’ll outline the general location, but you’ll need to search in each area for the exact location. 

All moon locations in Wuthering Waves

Before going further, use the map provided below as a reference for the exact spot. So, every time you’re in the area, refer to the map to point you in the direction. 

Moon #1: The first one will be near Violet Banyan. Head to the river that leads to Thorny Passage, and look for a waterfall. Once you climb the waterfall, a moon should be at the top of it.

Moon #2: Going backward from Thorny Passage and where you found the first moon. This moon will also be around a waterfall. Instead of climbing, navigate behind it. Make sure you go through the middle waterfall and fight the bear in the cave. Once that’s done, the second moon is yours.

Moon #3: Make your way behind Giant Banyan, which is the southern part of the map. If you have the teleporter unlocked, that may make the trip easier. There should be a cave located here that you can glide to. Moon number three should be on the lower section of the cave. 

Moon #4: This last moon might be the easiest to find. First head to Weyne Beach, and look beside the researcher’s tent. There should be a massive tree with its top missing in this area. Climb up it, and the final moon will be there at the top.

Wuthering Waves Moon Locations1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finishing up

Now that you have all the moons, head back to Qiaomu and hand them in. However, the quest isn’t done. You have to wait till the next day to trigger this quest’s epilogue. So, once you waited a day, head back to him to finish off the quest. 

Before finding the moons, consider farming for Wintry Bell in Wuthering Waves. It could make the journey easier

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