Wwe 2k20 Image Uploader Bugs Hotfix Patch

WWE 2K20 has had a bad rap, and rightfully so. Visual Concepts and 2K released a product that just wasn’t ready for launch, littered with numerous bugs, glitches, and crashes. On October 26, a few days after its launch, the developers promised an incoming hotfix that should solve numerous issues including the image uploader and logos fix. Well, that patch arrived this past weekend. Unfortunately, several glaring problems still exist.

On the bright side, Bianca Belair’s hair physics in WWE 2K20 looks a bit better now. Take a look at this video from YouTuber Revelleution:

WWE 2K20 post-patch: How’s the image and logo uploader?

Patch 1.02 promised to fix many issues that have been plaguing WWE 2K20. Here they are according to the official website:

  • Gameplay and Controls
  • Graphics and Clipping
  • Hair Physics
  • Hit detection and aiming
  • Interactions with tables, ladders, steel steps, and other objects
  • Referee actions
  • Onscreen button prompts
  • Characters “warping” or moving unnaturally around the arena
  • Crashes and Freezing
  • Image downloads
  • Entrances and attires
  • Universe mode editing and saving
  • Custom and Created Superstars and creation modes
  • Commentary and sound effects
  • Online Stability, matchmaking, desyncs, and lag

From the get-go, I noticed that hit detection and aiming in WWE 2K20 have been immensely improved. I was no longer missing half a dozen weapon attacks even though my opponent was right next to me and I was, obviously, aiming for them. Sadly, players will still be unable to switch to older control schemes (ie. signatures/finishers and reversals). I also noticed that one gamepad panel showed the Xbox’s control scheme, and yet another showed PS4 button prompts.

My focus, though, was on the image and logo uploader since I love making create-a-wrestler (CAW) additions to the roster. As such, I checked out the ones I uploaded via the website after the patch was applied. I used the old images I had for one of my favorite female indie wrestlers Mercedes Martinez.

I was able to save custom images, face photos, logos, and tattoos, and that was awesome indeed. I used Mercedes Martinez’s face photo for the CAW:

Wwe 2k20 Image Uploader Bugs Hotfix Patch 1

So far so good. All I needed to do was make a few adjustments to the head size and deformation and we’re all set. And then this happened:

Wwe 2k20 Image Uploader Bugs Hotfix Patch 2

The next screen, one which would allow you to make additional changes to the head and face size of your CAW, had you moving around specific parts instead. In the case of the Mercedes Martines CAW, it was the left eye.

If I do avoid making any changes, the Creation Suite also misaligned the face photo and CAW’s head in the next screen:

Wwe 2k20 Image Uploader Bugs Hotfix Patch 3

So, yes, even if you center the face photo from WWE 2K20‘s image uploader, it’ll randomly look skewed to one side. It made the entire process quite taxing.

More bugs?

Players still encountered various problems even with the latest patch. In WWE 2K20‘s official forums, some players have noted issues such as:

  • Female superstars in Universe Mode ending up with men’s singles or tag titles.
  • Universe Mode not saving any changes to options such as the number of matches.
  • Jeff Hardy’s armbands still being wonky.
  • Championship belts still clip through models or float in empty air.

One user, Cory74, summed up the CAW and image uploader issues precisely:

There are still multiple logo issues. Tattoos do not work correctly. Face scans do not work correctly. You cannot use logos bigger than 512 x512 in the CAW section. All that was fixed for logos is you can now download the ones you uploaded. That is it.

Yes, you can download and save the images you want. Just be prepared for a frustrating experience after that.

Note: It seems wrestler sweat — which was a touted feature in Visual Concepts’ NBA 2K games and one that tends to add more realism to WWE 2K20 — also got borked according to reports. It seems the latest patch hardly made WWE 2K20 a champ. As God is my witness, this game is still broken in half.

Alexa And Nikki Win

Patch 1.02 for WWE 2K20 fixed a couple of things while breaking others. I guess we can call that “50/50 booking.” If you’re interested, you can find the game on Steam. For more information, you can check out our guides and features hub.

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