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WWE 2K22: MyRise Career Mode guide — Tips for your CAW

The beginning of your journey.

Many wrestling games over the years have had their own Career Modes. MyRise in WWE 2K22 follows in that regard, though there are some key differences. Here’s our WWE 2K22 MyRise Career Mode guide to help you with your CAWs journey, skill point acquisition, matches, and unlockables.

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WWE 2K22 MyRise guide – Career Mode tips for your CAW

WWE 2K22 MyRise Career Mode – Choosing your background

When you first start MyRise Career Mode in WWE 2K22, you’ll be able to choose between a male and a female athlete. You’ll then see a selection panel for the different backgrounds:

  • MMA – +5% arm power, +5% leg power, and +10% technical submission defense.
  • Pro Athlete – +5% agility, +10% body durability, and +5% grapple offense.
  • Indie – +10% aerial offense, +5% grapple reversal, and +5% technical submission offense.
  • Actor – +5% recovery, 5% movement speed, and +10% stamina.

Note: Apart from stat boosts, some characters like your Performance Center rival, Josie Jane, will have dialogue based on your background.

Wrestling22 Myrgd 1a

WWE 2K22 MyRise Career Mode – Your CAW

Bear in mind that the CAW you create in WWE 2K22‘s MyRise is only usable for this mode. You can’t choose it for regular matches or Universe Mode. Due to this limitation, it’s up to you if you want to put a lot of effort into making your own fighter. I suggest just picking a persona (i.e., costume) and being done with it.

Here are some additional tidbits:

  • You can choose your CAWs archetype/class (i.e., Technician, Striker, Powerhouse, or High-Flyer). This can’t be changed later on.
  • You can still change your CAWs appearance and name down the line. However, you can only set their body type, including height and weight, at the beginning.

Wrestling22 Myrgd 1b

WWE 2K22 MyRise Career Mode – The Performance Center

In WWE 2K22‘s MyRise, you’ll always begin your journey in the performance center. For female characters, you’ll meet Kory Klein (recruiter), Josie Jane (rival), Meilee “Fanny” Fan (your buddy who’s also a competitor), Beth Phoenix, and Shawn Michaels.

When you’ve only just started, you’ll duke it out against Josie Jane, as well as a main roster superstar who needs an opponent (i.e., Sasha Banks). After this, pay attention to the types of conversations that you’ll have, as well as your responses:

  • Challenges – These tend to be one-off matches against another wrestler, such as battling Raquel Gonzalez while dressed in a mo-cap suit (which you’ll also unlock).
  • Story – These will mostly lock you in, preventing you from visiting other areas until the full storyline is completed. In the Performance Center, you might only need to complete one match. But, on the three brands (i.e., Raw, SmackDown, and NXT), a storyline requires you to complete several matches.
  • Alignment: Face vs. Heel – Certain challenges or dialogue responses have a green mask (face) or red mask (heel). Depending on your CAWs alignment, you might experience different branches, such as actively interfering in a rival’s bouts if you’re a heel.
  • Social Media – When reading some PMs, you might be asked to fight another wrestler. For instance, Shawn might want you to pay homage to the past, which leads to a fight against Chyna.
  • Superstar’s First Championship – By talking to Beth Phoenix, she might tell you about her plans to have a championship for the Performance Center. You’ll have to take on Josie Jane and Fanny in a triple threat match. That’s followed by a battle royale where Beth Phoenix is also involved.


Your CAW’s attributes in WWE 2K22‘s MyRise are grouped into different categories:

  • Striking – Arm power and leg power.
  • Grappling – Grapple offense and strength.
  • Aerial/Running – Aerial offense, aerial range, running offense, movement speed, and agility.
  • Submission – Power submission offense, technical submission offense, power submission defense, and technical submission defense.
  • Defense – Strike reversal, grapple reversal, and aerial reversal.
  • Resilience – Body durability, arm durability, leg durability, pin escape, stamina, and recovery.

You can either play to your CAW’s strengths (i.e., chosen background and archetype/class). Alternatively, you can focus on the moves that you often do in matches. In my case, I like using grapples and top-rope dives. Combine that with a slightly higher Defense so you can use reversals more successfully.

Note: Bouts in the Performance Center only provide a smattering of upgrade points. You’ll earn more once you’re on the main roster, though the storylines can be longer, too.

Wwe 2k22 Myrise Career Mode Unlockables Caw Guide 1a

Story Progress

Each show has a set number of objectives that you can complete, which you’ll see in this tab. Shows also have different locations/hubs. In some instances, you might need to revisit the same location over and over to exhaust all possible dialogue options in case you’re missing out on some challenges or storylines.

Wwe 2k22 Myrise Career Mode Unlockables Caw Guide 1b

WWE 2K22 MyRise Career Mode – Moving on to the main roster

After a few matches in the Performance Center, you’ll receive a PM from Kory Klein telling you about scouts from the main roster. She’ll ask if you’re ready to advance further if you still need to complete some challenges. You can choose to decline and the option will remain available whenever you click on that PM.

Once you’re set, go ahead and start the PC Showcase. You’ll face off against a superstar from each brand (i.e., Shotzi Blackheart for NXT, Lacey Evans for SmackDown, and Sasha Banks for Raw).

After beating them, you can talk to the three GMs to formally join a brand. You’ve got William Regal for NXT, Adam Pearce for SmackDown, and Mandy Rose for Raw.

Here are some of the things I saw when I went to Raw:

  • Josie Jane and Fanny will join the other brands.
  • Angel Garza will ask you to form a partnership (i.e., mixed tag). You can decline this offer, though it might no longer pop up later on.
  • There’s a challenge match against Ember Moon and Carmella. Because the two are having a fundraiser for underprivileged cats (meow!), you’ll become a heel when you fight them.
  • Bayley has a storyline where she declares herself the Women’s Intercontinental Champion. It consists of a couple of matches against Bayley, as well as a series of bouts against international superstars (i.e., Kay Lee Ray, Natalya, and Asuka). Bayley will keep popping up to distract you, so be ready to counter your opponent’s move. This will culminate in a title match.
  • Charlotte will ask you to participate in the Queen of the Ring tournament. It also unlocks a jacket and the Queen of the Ring arena.

Note: As mentioned earlier, you’ll gain more attribute points once you reach the main roster in WWE 2K22’s MyRise mode. However, most storylines will consist of several matches, too.

WWE 2K22 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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