XCOM: Enemy Within can be pre-ordered on Steam

XCOM Enemy Within (4)

If only I had a brain! Wait, I do.

If you’re feeling suitably confident that the XCOM: Enemy Within expansion will provide you with as much enjoyment as XCOM: Enemy Unknown did, then you may wish to risk pre-purchasing it on Steam in order to save a small amount of money. That option is now available to you. It takes the price down by 10% (from $30.00 USD to $27.00 USD in the US.)

XCOM: Enemy Within is looking like a proper, old fashioned expansion that will add forty new battlefields, various new weapons (courtesy of your engineering teams,) genetics and cybernetics labs that can give your soldiers new abilities, “two new alien types,” a new resource called ‘meld’ and even some new multiplayer stuff too.

The expansion is due on 12 November in the US and 15 November in Europe. As is the custom with these things, you’ll need the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown to play it. It’s not a stand-alone game. Never played the first game? Well, this weekend is a good time to try it for free.