Xdefiant Acr 6.8
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XDefiant ACR 6.8 guide: How to unlock it, best attachments and loadout, and all skins

An incredible assault rifle.

The ACR 6.8 assault rifle is one of the best weapons in XDefiant, so here’s a guide on how to unlock it, the best attachments and loadout, as well as all the camos. Let’s review everything you need to know about the ACR 6.8.

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How to unlock ACR 6.8 in XDefiant

To unlock any unavailable weapon in XDefiant you must complete certain challenges. If you head to the Challenges menu and go to the Base tab, you’ll notice that each locked weapon has a specific challenge required to unlock it.

For ACR 6.8, you’ll need to get 10 Assault Rifle longshot kills, which means you have to kill someone from more than 30 meters away. Once you kill at least 10 players using an Assault Rifle from more than 30 meters away, you’ll be able to use the ACR 6.8.

Best ACR 6.8 attachments and loadout

When choosing the best attachments for your ACR 6.8, there are many to choose from. Here are my picks for the best ACR 6.8 attachments:

MuzzleMuzzle Break (Level 23)+7.0% Horizontal Recoil
-5.0% Short Range
-5.0% Medium Range
BarrelStabilizing Barrel (Level 9)+2.5% Horizontal Recoil
+2.5% Vertical Recoil
-5.0% Sprint-Shoot Time
-5.0% Aim Walking Speed
Front RailAngled Grip (Level 10)+15.0% Aim Stability
+5.0% Horizontal Recoil
-5.0% Movement Speed
OpticReflex Sight (Level 2)
Rear GripFabric Grip (Level 13)+10.0% ADS Time
+5.0% Aim Stability
-10.0% Recoil Recovery
StockPrecision Stock (Level 16)+5.0% Horizontal Recoil
+5.0% Vertical Recoil
-15.0% Recoil Recovery
-10.0% ADS Time

All these attachments help the ACR 6.8 have limited recoil and quick ADS time. The Muzzle Break, Stabilizing Barrel, Angeld Grip, and Precision Stock all aid in you having nearly no recoil whatsoever.

The Rear Grip is there to give you a boost for ADS time and aim stability for the most precise and swift shots. For the Optic I just chose Reflex Sight since it gets the job done, but I’d also recommend Holographic Sight as an alternative.

All skins for ACR 6.8 in XDefiant

Xdefiant Acr 6.8 Bronze Silver Gold
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Once you get your hands on the ACR 6.8 you can make it look even nicer than it already looks using skins. Let’s go over all the skins you can acquire for the ACR 6.8 in XDefiant to make your weapon look snazzy.

SkinHow to unlock
Xdefiant Acr 6.8 Anarchy
Premium Preseason Battle Pass (Instant)
Xdefiant Acr 6.8 Distruption
Preseason Battle Pass (Rank 30)
BronzeWeapon level 50
SilverWeapon level 100
GoldWeapon level 150

Other than the ACR 6.8, there are tons of other weapons and devices you can unlock in XDefiant through numerous challenges.

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