Xdefiant Ak 47
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XDefiant AK-47 guide: How to unlock it, best attachments and loadout, and all skins

Assault rifle flagship.

With the arrival of XDefiant, the AK-47 makes its appearance as well, as it should. Here is the best loadout, all camos, and how to unlock the AK-47 assault rifle in XDefiant.

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How to unlock the AK-47 SMG in XDefiant

Similar to the RPK-74 light machine gun, unlocking the AK-47 will require you to deal a total of 4,000 damage, but with assault rifles. Also similarly to the LMG, you can choose modes such as Zone Control where enemies will focus their attention in specific areas to shoot them. In the case of the AK-47, using assault rifles in Hot Shot is also a great way to deal damage given the power and fire rate of assault rifles and the frequency in which you will encounter enemy players.

Best AK-47 loadout in XDefiant

Iconic is perhaps the word I would use to define the AK-47, which is perhaps the most popular gun in recent history. Since it provides a great covering fire but can also be used to head first into the enemy lines, we will want to prioritize ADS speed and spread. Level up your AK-47 once you unlock it and equip the following attachments to get the best out of it:

Attachment TypeAttachmentStatsUnlock Level
MuzzleBrake+2.5 Rate of Fire
-10.0% Horizontal Recoil Control
-10.0% Vertical Recoil Control
Level 14
BarrelRecon24m Minimap Visibility Range
0.5s Minimap Visibility Duration
+5.0% ADS Speed
-2.5% Movement Speed
Level 3
Front RailPistol+10.0% Sprint-Shoot Time
+20.0% Min Spread Accuracy
+20.0% Max Spread Accuracy
-5.0 Horizontal Recoil Control
Level 42
OpticsReflex+1 Sight PictureLevel 2
MagazineFast Mag+5 Magazine Size
+40.0% Reload Speed
-10.0 ADS Speed
-10.0 ADS Flinch Control
Level 41
Rear GripQuick Draw+10.0% Sprint-Shoot Time
+10.0% ADS Speed
-15.0% ADS Stability
Level 35
StockPadded+15.0% Recoil Recovery
+10.0 ADS Stability
+5.0% ADS Flinch Control
Level 7
Xdefiant Ak 47 Attachments 1
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Let’s give our AK-47 a fire rate bonus with the Brake Muzzle and pick up the Recon Barrel to gain some ADS speed, also improved by the Rear Grip. The Pistol Front Rail will greatly improve your minimum and maximum spread accuracy and the Padded Stock will recover some of your ADS Stability, ADS Flinch Control, and Recoil Recovery. Finally, the Fast Mag will give you a great Reload Speed bonus and five more bullets in your magazine.

How to unlock all AK-47 skins in XDefiant

SkinHow to Unlock
Bronze (Mastery)Reach weapon level 50.
Silver (Mastery)Reach weapon level 75.
Gold (Mastery)Reach weapon level 100.
Xdefiant Ak 47 Skins
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You will probably need to use some Weapon XP Boosters since the AK-47 only features Master skins at the moment. This could change whenever Season 1 comes to XDefiant, so I would suggest sticking to your attachments and learning the different modes in the game. That way, you will be able to use the AK-47 in an elegant yet deadly manner.

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