XDefiant MK 20 SSR guide: How to unlock it, best attachments and loadout, and all camos
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XDefiant MK 20 SSR guide: How to unlock it, best attachments and loadout, and all camos

2 shot kills from a mile away

The ACR may be the talk of the town but don’t underestimate this 2-tapping monster. Learn everything you need in our XDefiant MK 20 SSR guide: How to unlock it, the best attachments and loadout, and all camos.

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How to unlock the MK 20 SSR in XDefiant

The MK 20 SSR has no unlock requirements and is available to everyone from the start. This Marksman Rifle is deadly because it can kill in two shots at ridiculous ranges. You can use the default one without attachments if you wish, but the Marksman preset class provides a decent MK 20 SSR complete with a scope.

You can’t choose your Secondary weapon with the preset class, but you can certainly get a feel for the rifle.

Best Attachments for the MK 20 SSR in XDefiant

Attachments take an obscene amount of time to unlock in XDefiant. That said, the MK 20 SSR is fine as long as you have a scope. You unlock the Reflex Sight at level 2, making the weapon much more useable. 

Here are the attachments I recommend, and you can gradually add them to your weapon as you unlock them:

Best MK 20 SSR Attachments

  • Muzzle: Light Suppressor
  • Optics: Reflex Sight
  • Magazine: Extended Mag
  • Front Rail: Tactical Grip
  • Rear Grip: Heavy Grip

The Light Suppressor keeps us off the Radar at most ranges without incurring any penalties. If you manage to level up the MK 20 SSR to level 29, I recommend swapping the Suppressor for the Stealth Barrel, as it improves the rifle’s range.

I’ve used a few Optics in XDefiant and love how clear the Reflex sight is. This is a personal preference, so feel free to experiment. One attachment I think is non-negotiable is the Extended Mag. This attachment doubles our mag capacity from 10 to 20! You can comfortably engage multiple foes without reloading, and it’s arguably the most impactful attachment in the build.

The Tactical and Heavy Grips help us manage Recoil and gain a small buff to ADS Flinch Control. This stat means we don’t flinch as hard if we get shot and can return fire more easily.

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Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finally, Camos unlock the same way as the other weapons, and we only have three to pick from. You can earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold camo by reaching levels 25, 50, and 100, respectively. Naturally, you want to show off with a Gold Gun, but it’s a long grind that will take multiple months.

Best Loadout for the MK 20 SSR in XDefiant

You can make the MK 20 SSR work with any Faction with any Secondary weapon, but here’s what I’ve been using and have no complaints so far:

  • Faction: Phantoms
  • Activated Ability: Mag Barrier
  • Secondary Weapon: D50
  • Device: EMP Grenade
XDefiant MK 20 SSR guide: How to unlock it, best attachments and loadout, and all camos
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’ve picked the Phantoms for their Mag Barrier, as we can peek around it and deal punchy damage with our rifle. The D50 is my favorite Secondary Weapon and is excellent for finishing off kills at mid-range.

Enemy Mag Barriers can be a problem for us if we fight at long range. Fortunately, you can make those problems disappear with the EMP Grenade

You can make any Device work, but the EMP offers utility no matter what mode you play.

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