Yes, Your Grace Beta Kingdom Management Battle

Yes, Your Grace beta starts November 15, Your Grace

Now’s your chance to be a beta-king.

If like Simba from The Lion King, you just can’t wait to be king, then you’re in luck because your wait is over. Yes, Your Grace is an upcoming kingdom management RPG from developer Brave At Night and its beta starts November 15. That’s on Friday. The planned release date for the full game is early 2020.

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Live your fantasy of being king, loved by your people, respected by your neighbors. Then sign up for the Yes, Your Grace beta and see what being a king is really like. To get into the beta, all you need to do is fill out your details on the beta sign up page. Those peasants aren’t going to test themselves. There’s also an official Discord you can join to stay in the loop with all the royal details.

Yes, Your Grace Beta Kingdom Management Throne Room Resources

You have limited resources. There’s no way to keep everyone happy. Did you think being king would be easy?

Your kingly responsibilities

You will play as King Eryk, ruler of a fictional medieval kingdom called Davern. But you won’t get to lounge about and do whatever takes your fancy, you’re charged with managing a kingdom. And, as it turns out, a kingdom requires a lot of managing. There’s a lot of stuff going on.

You’ll have to negotiate your way through intricate politics to form alliances with a variety of personalities. Some of whom ask you to perform dirty deeds to seal your partnership. The nerve of such fellows. Battles are also a constant thorn in your royal behind. You’ll have to ensure your kingdom is always prepared to defend itself or to conquer places that are in dire need of your majestic ruling style.

Petitioners will come to you daily with their problems, ranging from monsters attacking villages to a need for more places for peasants to kick back and relax. Neither of which is your fault, of course, but you are so knowledgeable and wise, no one else could solve these problems as spectacularly as your honorable self. Just, please do remember your resources are limited and you won’t be able to help everyone.

If you thought managing a kingdom was tough, wait till you try managing a royal family. Unlike you, who is flawless, your family has personal problems and they need your guidance and support. Throughout Yes, Your Grace, you will have to resolve family feuds and decide on the fate of your loved ones.

Yes, Your Grace Beta Kingdom Management Family Problems

First of all, why? Second, this is a bit of a predicament, isn’t it? A king shouldn’t have to worry about such problems!

Fear not, you are not alone in your trials and tribulations. You can hire generals, witches, and hunters to aid you in your efforts. Not that you couldn’t manage everything on your own, but they do wish to serve you.

Behold, a trailer

A noble person such as yourself shouldn’t have to trawl the internet like a commoner, trying to find information. So, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the reveal trailer for Yes, Your Grace then you can do so below. If it pleases you, you can also add Yes, Your Grace to your wishlist on Steam in preparation for its full release in early 2020.

To find out more about Yes, Your Grace, the beta and its development, you can visit the Brave At Night website.

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