Zodd goes demonic in latest Berserk trailer

Zodd goes demonic in latest Berserk trailer

Nosferatu Zodd is the latest Berserk character to get a short character trailer from Koei Tecmo. He’s such a hard nut he doesn’t even need to wear a shirt, although that might be unwise anyway as it’d only get blood all over it.

Zodd looks brutal enough in humanoid form, clearing out enemies-a-plenty in classic Musou style with a massive sword. But just to ramp things up a bit, he then goes and transforms into a demon. The poor old soldier peons don’t stand a chance.

Berserk still doesn’t have a Western release date, but is reportedly coming to PC (and all other Western platforms) in the Autumn. The Japanese release date, for reference, is 27 October.

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