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The Elder Scrolls Online out now, has new cinematic trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online bethesda - 12

This screenshot is presumably taken from the non-cinematic version of the fight depicted in the trailer.

The Elder Scrolls Online is out right at this very moment, and Bethesda are so excited by this that they’ve released a new cinematic trailer.

The trailer – titled “The Siege” – is all about a siege. There’s magic and catapults and walls being blown up and the like. It’s very, very pretty, although it’s bizarrely got a lot of shakycam, which is kind of rubbish because there is absolutely no reason for a CG trailer to have shakycam except “choice”, and shakycam is rubbish. Either way, it’s worth a watch, and – lucky you – you can have a look at it below.

You can also buy The Elder Scrolls Online right now, which probably doesn’t look or act much like this trailer. I can’t say for sure as I haven’t played it that much yet, but I’d be very surprised.

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  • Hmm…the trailer is great but says nothing about the game – I have played a LOT of MMOs and the beta of this left me cold – if it was F2P I would understand it may take time to polish but they are charging full price and a £15 a month sub! I know some have said it gets better after lvl 10 so I will always give games the benefit of the doubt but the beta should have been a showcase for the game and it really wasn’t. I’m not risking shelling out only to find it’s not really what we had hoped. It felt very single player to me. Seeing Force’s vid of him taking a World Boss down solo also made me concerned. I know they will improve it and the PVP/Siege’s could save it but for now…not sold on it.

    • fsj

      I have been playing this for a few days now and I have to say there is a lot of content for grouping, if you so choose. I’ve barely played any of the game solo and I’ve had a blast. Sure for the first few levels there is a lot of the usual introductory MMO running about and getting to grips with the story & gameplay, but once you get past that there is plenty to offer for groups.

      Also the sub is $15 a month not £15. It’s £8.99/month in the UK if you buy a single month and as with all other MMO’s gets cheaper the more time you buy.

      Ultimately the state of the beta/pricing did turn a lot of people off but at least I’m having fun!