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Latest Humble Bundle offers seven RPGs

Another week, another Humble Weekly Bundle. Have I used that introduction before? Sorry. It’s hard to keep things straight when there’s a half-decent bundle every week. This week, Humble Bundle are hoping you’ll want to…

By: Tim McDonald

New Humble Bundle is full of random simulators

Here at IncGamers, we’re big fans of incredibly random simulators. Luckily for us, the newest Humble Bundle offers a whole bunch of them. I’m afraid there’s no Farming Simulator, but there’s plenty else to pique…

By: Tim McDonald

SEGA Humble Bundle now has bonus games

As is tradition, the SEGA-themed Humble Bundle has now been expanded with More Games. I’m not going into detail of what’s already there, both because I did that over here and because you can very…

By: Tim McDonald

SEGA-themed Humble Bundle isn’t what I expected

There’s a new, SEGA-themed Humble Bundle, but it doesn’t exactly offer what the words “SEGA-themed Humble Bundle” might conjure up. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind. If you were expecting a plethora of Sonic games,…

By: Tim McDonald

Latest Humble Bundle includes Saints Row 4

You probably own Saints Row 4 already, but the latest Humble Bundle is probably worth a look anyway because that’s hardly the only big game in there. Saints Row 4 is the “big” title, but…

By: Tim McDonald

Metro 2033 free on Humble Store

The rather wonderful post-apocalyptic stealth/FPS/horror game Metro 2033 is completely free on the Humble Store, for today only. As a celebration of the Humble Store’s first birthday, there are a few decent discounts on games…

By: Tim McDonald

We largely approve of the latest Humble Bundle

It’s a day ending in “y”, which means it’s time for a new Humble Bundle – and we’re pretty big fans of what’s in this one. Paying $1 or above will net you side-on skateboarding…

By: Tim McDonald

Latest Humble Bundle is all about games from Japan

Another week, another weekly Humble Bundle – and this one’s all about games from Japanese developers. Naturally, this means that some of them are off their trolleys. For the price of $Whatever, you get your…

By: Tim McDonald

Square Enix Humble Bundle is weirdly priced

We mentioned this particular Humble Bundle in the podcast, and then didn’t actually do a news item about it. Obviously this means you should be listening to the podcast, but here’s the news for the…

By: Tim McDonald

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