Temtem Luma Umishi Saipark

If you like the Luma variant of Umishi or Fomu (or their evolutions, Ukama and Wiplump), then you’re going to love the newest Temtem Weekly Reset. Those two Temtem both have excellent Luma encounter rates in the Saipark until May 10. FreeTem also has some good rewards on offer, particularly the tier four backpack. However, you’ll need to catch and release a mammoth 650 Temtem to get it.

Temtem Weekly Reset May 4 10

Weekly FreeTem rewards

The first two tiers of the FreeTem rewards are still very achievable for all players. The Saicards are nice to have in your back pocket. As is the Enhancer Watermelon for when you’re training your Temtem’s TVs. It’s going to take a bit of effort to get the Telomere Hack for Defense, but, as we’ve said before, these are always worth picking up.

That brings us to the first backpack cosmetic reward FreeTem has offered tamers. It’s different from the two options you can choose at the beginning of the game. That immediately gives it stand-out appeal. But releasing 650 Temtem is going to consume your week. Many hoped that Crema would decrease the requirement for tier four FreeTem rewards, not increase them. Having said that, the Striped Backpack will cost you 33,499 Pansuns to purchase. Maybe releasing 650 Temtem is a fair trade.

Temtem Freetem Reward Striped Backpack

Get your Luma Temtem in the Saipark

The Luma recolor of Umishi and Ukama are among my favorites in Temtem. Fomu and Wiplump, not so much. But both have triple the chance of being Luma and a 100% encounter rate. Those are equal to the best odds we’ve ever had to catch a Luma. Of course, it’s still a 1/2,666 chance, so don’t go in there expecting a Luma encounter.

Temtem Weekly Reset Luma Umishi And Ukama

When it comes to catching Fomu, the Weekly Reset provides another golden opportunity, besides the chance for it to be Luma. And that’s the chance to get Fomu with the Egg Move Lullaby. Unless you started Temtem with Houchic, there’s no way you can get Lullaby on Fomu – unless you purchase it from another player. If you do have Houchic, it’s still not a simple breeding process. So, the Saipark gives many tamers their first chance to get it.

You have a few worthy pursuits in Temtem this week. Whichever you choose, happy hunting.

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