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The Mandate’s battle orchestrator shows serious tactical depth

A new video shows off The Mandate‘s battle orchestrator, a tool you’ll use to plan out ship-to-ship combat. It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything about Perihelion Interactive’s Kickstarted co-op sci-fi RPG/space combat/tactical/strategic title, but…

By: Tim McDonald

The Mandate gameplay trailer boards a pirate ship

Perihelion Interactive has released a new trailer for their upcoming co-op sci-fi sandbox RPG The Mandate. This particular trailer focuses a bit more on the strategy involved in boarding actions and combat within ships themselves….

By: Tim McDonald

The Mandate signs David Bradley as voice actor

The Mandate developers Perihelion Interactive are continuing to drum up support for their Kickstarter with more and more little announcements, and the latest is the announcement of David Bradley as part of the game’s voice…

By: Tim McDonald