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10 Games like Resident Evil 4 to sink your teeth into

Finding that new scare.

Resident Evil 4 is a pretty fantastic video game, right? So it makes sense that you’ll be looking for more after rolling credits on another fantastic remake from Capcom. Here’s our list of 10 games like Resident Evil 4 to sink your teeth into.

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The 10 games like RE4 to sink your teeth into

Resident Evil 4 (2005) & other RE games

Re4 Games Like Resident Evil Re3
Image: Capcom

The obvious choice for a game like Resident Evil 4 is another version of Resident Evil 4! If you haven’t played the original, you really owe it to yourself to, it’s a great time. Likewise, other Resident Evil games have pretty similar design philosophies to the RE4 remake, such as the other recent Resident Evil remakes of 2 & 3.

The Evil Within

Re4 Games Like Resident Evil 4 to sink your teeth into Evil Within
Image: Tango Gameworks/Bethesda

The Evil Within has the same director as the original Resident Evil 4, that being Shinji Mikami. It not only shares the same director however, as it’s also a third-person survival horror game. For me, it’s probably a lot scarier than Resident Evil 4, but I’m also a big scaredy cat, so you might be fine! The first game is a great game all by itself, but the second entry is honestly a very underrated gem of a game. 

Dead Space

Re4 Games Like Resident Evil to sink your teeth into  Ds
Image: Motive/EA

Dead Space is one of the best survival horror games out there, and I think Dead Space 2 is just as good as well. With the recent (and excellent!) remake releasing this past January, and with it being on Game Pass/EA Play now, there’s never been a better time to play Dead Space.

Silent Hill

Re4 Games Like Resident Evil to sink your teeth into  Sh2
Image: Bloober Team/Konami

Silent Hill is one of the most legendary survival horror franchises you can find, so it makes sense to add it to this list. Many people’s favorite is Silent Hill 2, which is getting a remake soon, but the other games in the series are also worth a shot. I think Silent Hill 1 is an incredibly interesting game to go back to, as you can see where the series starts, and some of the other entries into the series like Silent Hill 3 are also good. 

Dead Rising

Re4 games like resident evil 4 Dr2
Image: Capcom

Dead Rising is another classic action/horror game from Capcom. It might seem a bit light on the horror, but so can Resident Evil 4. The Dead Rising series offers a fun time, with some decent action that you can do with most objects you find in the world. My personal favorite entry into the series is Dead Rising 2, which I adored playing back in the day. This series is all about the amount of zombies on screen and the action combat, combining that with a fun gameplay loop and some fun stories, Dead Rising is an easy recommendation for this list.

Doom (2016)

Re4 Doom
Image: Id Software/Bethesda

This recommendation might seem like a bit of a stretch. The logic with this is that Resident Evil 4 is one of the best third-person shooters of all-time, and if you’re after some more immaculate action then you may as well seek out one of the best first-person shooters of all-time! Doom (2016) was the soft reboot of the franchise, and its sequel Doom Eternal is honestly even better to me, becoming not only one of the best first-person shooters, but also a surprisingly great 3D-Metroidvania. These games are great, and have an amazing soundtrack to go with the astoundingly good gameplay. If you’re after more action like RE4, you can’t go wrong with Doom. But you could also play our next pick…

Devil May Cry 5

Re4 Games Like Resident Evil Dmcv
Image: Capcom

Devil May Cry has a pretty storied history with Resident Evil 4 in particular, as the first game was originally an early version of Resident Evil 4. Shiji Mikami, the director of Resident Evil 4 is also an executive producer of the first game. The Devil May Cry series is among the most popular franchises Capcom has to offer, and it’s for good reason too. With stylish and complex action gameplay and a generally cool vibe to everything, DMC deserves to be played by everyone. I have listed 5 here because it’s the most recent entry, and some people’s favorites. But starting at the beginning or with DMC3 is also something you can do, as they’re also great starting points.

Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground
Image: Capcom

Haunting Ground is a bit of an underrated classic. Another horror game from Capcom, this game is a spiritual successor to the classic horror series Clock Tower. The reason I wanted to highlight this game, in particular, is because a main gameplay feature is your dog, Hewie, who you can give orders to help you deal with enemies while you’re trying to survive. Over the course of the game, you’ll need to build your relationship with Hewie for him to trust you fully. Thanks to the dog companion in Resident Evil 4 and the dog companion in this Capcom horror game, it makes it onto the list.


Re4 Games Like Resident Evil Gloomwood
Image: Dillon Rogers, David Szymanski/New Blood Interactive

While Gloomwood might be an immersive sim, it has some elements of horror, too. Gloomwood sees you trying to escape a curse-ridden city using stealth, weapons, and managing items with an inventory system straight out of Resident Evil 4. If you enjoy the inventory system of Resident Evil 4, Gloomwood has you covered. I’ve always loved the inventory system of Resident Evil, as it made inventory management fun and engaging. So if you fancy a slightly different type of game with some elements inspired by survival horror from the time of the original RE4, give Gloomwood a try.


Re4 games like Residentn Evil 4 Cultic
Image: Jasozz Games/3D Realms

The final game on this list is one that might seem a little bit of a wildcard pick on the surface. Cultic is an old-school shooter in the vein of something like Doom or Wolfenstein, that has some vibes that are similar to Resident Evil 4. Cultic offers you some great gameplay as you tear through enemies in a setting not that dissimilar to Resident Evil 4. Try this game out if you’re interested in old-school shooters!

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