4 New and Returning maps are now playable in MW2

4 New and Returning maps are now playable in MW2
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Whenever a new season drops for Call of Duty, Warzone usually gets the lion’s share of the attention. In Season 6, players have plenty to look forward to, no matter what game modes they enjoy. If you’re a DMZ player, you’re likely jumping for joy at the changes there, but MW2 players also have plenty to celebrate. Global weapon changes affect every mode, and we have new maps to play on. 4 new and returning maps are now playable in MW2, so let’s check them out.

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4 New and Returning maps are now playable in MW2

I know many players use MW2 as a glorified leveling platform for their weapons, as Shipment is the best place in the game to do so. Still, these new maps look fun and may be worth a look if you’re tired of dying at spawn every few seconds.

La Casa
Game Mode: Core 6v6

La Casa is a new map set in Las Almas, Mexico. The area features a mix of indoor and outdoor locations around a lavish estate.

Koro Village
Game Mode: Core 6v6

Call of Duty veterans may remember the ” Toujane ” map from Call of Duty 2 in 2005. If you do, this map will feel familiar. The layout is very similar, although it’s had a fresh lick of paint and is now a snow-laden town instead of a desert.

Game Mode: Gunfight

King is another returning map, this time from Modern Warfare 2019. Since its last debut, the area has become overgrown, but the layout is largely unchanged. King was a popular map in Modern Warfare, so many will be excited by its return.

Game Mode: Gunfight

Rounding up the new map offering is Fight, a brand-new area. Fight is designed for extreme close-quarters engagements. Time will tell if it dethrones Shipment as a map for grinding XP, but fans of fast-paced battles should enjoy it.

With the Season 6 weapons up for grabs, these new maps are a great place to unlock tokens whether you’ve purchased the battle pass or not.


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