Ada Wong grapple guns into action in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC

Ada Wong Separate Ways Dlc
Screenshot: Capcom

Fans of the original Resident Evil 4 should be pleased to know that Capcom is releasing the beloved Ada-focused DLC Separate Ways in the same remake fashion. Releasing on September 21, you get to experience Ada’s side of the story through her unique perspective. In new footage for the Resident Evil 4 remake Separate Ways DLC, Ada Wong is back in action with new move sets and abilities.

Ada Wong uses Grappling Gun and fancy moves in new Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC footage

We’ve now seen a glimpse into what the Separate Ways side story will feel, look, and play like. While Leon was going around the village and castle in Spain, Ada wasn’t too far behind. With her iconic Grappling Gun strapped to her side, Ada can move around areas with ease.

Ada Wong Separate Ways Dlc Grapple Gun

Screenshot: Capcom

Certain areas allow you to swing or grapple towards them with just a single button. Ada knows some familiar swing-kick moves like Leon, but also has her own unique move sets and takedowns. It looks and feels just like Resident Evil 4 remake, but you’re now playing a much more stealthy character. She seems to be a lot quieter than Leon, and she can take out enemies with just a stab in the back. Well, more like a stab to the head.

If you were looking for more details on Ada’s story in Resident Evil 4, now you’re in luck. With returning characters, and even interactions with Wesker, we’ll get more insight into what Ada’s motives are. Also, if you enjoyed those blue medallion minigames, they’re back! This probably also means you’ll be getting your rewards from these side quests from everyone’s favorite merchant.

Ada Wong Separate Ways Dlc Gun Clock Tower

Screenshot: Capcom

Although we’re not yet how long this DLC plans to be, it could be the same length as the original, or maybe even longer. We’ll just have to wait and see once the Resident Evil 4 remake Separate Ways DLC drops on September 21. For now though, here’s a new trailer to get you hyped for the release.

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