All Earth landmarks you can visit in Starfield

Starfield Earth Landmarks
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While Earth has long since been uninhabited in Starfield, you can visit Earth and see the remains of some famous landmarks. However, you can’t just land where those landmarks should be and expect to see them. Instead, you need to unlock the famous Earth landmarks in Starfield. Here is exactly how to do that with all the Earth landmarks we know of so far.

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How to unlock all Earth landmarks in Starfield

As far as we know, there are 10 Earth landmarks that you can discover in Starfield. You can’t just visit the spots on Earth you’d think the landmarks are — instead, you need to find and read books to unlock Earth landmarks.

Landmark Book Where to find the book
London (The Shard) Oliver Twist Sinclair’s Books in Akila City.
Cairo (The Pyramids) The Ancient civilizations of Egypt Sinclair’s Books in Akila City.
New York (The Empire State Building) Our Lost Heritage UC President Abello’s office in the MAST Tower in New Atlantis.
Saint Louis (The Gateway Arch) Price of Destiny Astral Lounge owner Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse. Pickpocket the key from him.
China (The Shanghai Tower) Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics In the second-floor classroom aboard the ship orbiting Porimma II.
Hong Kong (The International Commerce Center) Maurice’s journal New Homestead Museum proprietor found on Titan in the Sol system.
Dubai (The Burj Khalifa) Race to the Heavens In the VIP room of the Siren of the Stars space ship which is accessed through the UC Vanguard faction missions.
Osaka (Abeno Harukas) Diary of Kyosuke Nagata at the Lock Prison Delgato’s office in The Key after progressing through the Crimson Fleet missions.
Los Angeles (US Bank Tower) Hope Family Tree Ron Hope’s office in Hopetown.
NASA Launch Tower N/A Progress through the Unearthed campaign mission.

Those are all the Starfield Earth landmarks we know of so far, but there are a lot of books and space in Starfield, so there might be even more. If you’re on the hunt for more cool stuff, I recommend checking out where to find the Deimos shipyard.

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