All Hotkeys For Summerhouse 2
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All hotkeys for SUMMERHOUSE

Fast, efficient, and cozy.

If you’re looking for a way to rid yourself of anxiety, stress, and the pressures of life, then SUMMERHOUSE is the game for you. This cute home-building project by Future Friends Games is nothing if not peaceful. However, you can make your whole SUMMERHOUSE experience even easier with the hotkeys.

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Summerhouse Hotkeys
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Pointing and clicking are all well and good. However, I found I was able to streamline my SUMMERHOUSE experience very quickly with some simple hotkeys. Being able to quickly navigate menus and objects with my keyboard and mouse clicks became essential. Memorize these hotkeys (or just keep this article open as you play) to become the master of your house building.

W/A/S/DMove camera
Q/E Move blocks back and forward
RStart/Stop replay
FFlip block horizontally
HToggle UI off and on
J/KChange the environment
IToggle eyedropper tool
Hold AltUse eyedropper tool
XToggle Destructive mode
LMBPlace blocks
RMBCycle through blocks
F1Show game version
F2Show FPS
F3Start console
F4Pause console output

Using these keybindings in SUMMERHOUSE will help you build much more easily. I found that it makes the process flow from my fingers without having to navigate around. The game’s beautiful simplicity made it second nature quickly enough.

Other controller options for SUMMERHOUSE

The beautiful simplicity of SUMMERHOUSE means that it is perfectly suited to be played in many different ways. If you are more of a fan of a controller, the game comes with full controller support. For me, using a mouse and keyboard for a design game like this is essential. However, it is great that the option is there.

If you choose, you can also play SUMMERHOUSE on your Steam Deck. The handheld console is more than adequate to play the game at full settings. However, playing on a Steam Deck will leave you without the keybindings listed above. You will have to rely on the rather intuitive controls instead.

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