All house locations and how to get them in Starfield

All House Locations And How To Get Them In Starfield
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Are you traveling across the galaxy in Starfield, and getting a little home sick? Sure, your spaceship can be nice to hang out in, but it doesn’t really feel like home, does it? Luckily, there are plenty of homes you can purchase or get or free. Some range from pretty cheap to insanely expensive, and others require traits or quests to acquire. If you’re not sure where to start, here are all the house locations and how to get them in Starfield.

Starfield: How to buy all homes and where to find them

In total, there are 10 homes you can live in. Some of these houses are safe havens for you to sleep in, but they don’t exactly let you decorate. Although, most of the homes on this list actually allow you to build furniture and make it cozy. Let’s jump right into all the house locations in Starfield and how to get them.

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Name Location Credits How to get
Sleepcrate Ebbside, Neon 6,500 Talk to Sleepcrate worker in Ebbside.
The Well Apartment The Well, New Atlantis 30,000 Speak to worker at Aphelion Realty in New Atlantis. Must have UC Citizenship.
Midtown home Akila City, Akila 45,000 Talk to Ngodup Tate.
Core Manor Akila City, Akila 75,000 Talk to Ngodup Tate.
Dream Home Nesoi, Olympus 125,000 Pick the Dream Home trait.
The Sky Suite Astral Lounge, Neon 235,000 Speak with the bartender.
The Lodge The Lodge, New Atlantis Free Join Constellation.
New Atlantis Penthouse Residential District, New Atlantis Free Complete UC faction story.
Mercury Tower Penthouse Residential District, New Atlantis Free Complete UC Vanguard quests.
Parent’s Apartment Pioneer Tower, Residential District, New Atlantis Free Pick Kid Stuff trait.

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Your room in the Lodge and your parent’s apartment only exist really for you to sleep and store some items. Otherwise, all the other homes and apartments allow you to craft furniture and decorate the way you like.

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