All Playstation: All-Star Characters Revealed

Sony has revealed that every Playstation: All-Star character has been revealed, making 20 characters the total number of fighters. In a post on Twitter, PlayStation Blog senior social media specialist Sid Shuman stated, “We have revealed the full launch lineup of characters”

Here is the grand list of characters:

1. Big Daddy
2. Cole MacGrath
3. Evil Cole MacGrath
4. Colonel Radec
5. Dante
6. Fat Princess
7. Heihachi Mishima
8. Jak and Daxter
9. Kratos
10. Nariko
11. Nathan Drake
12. PaRappa the Rapper
13. Raiden
14. Ratchet and Clank
15. Sackboy
16. Sir Daniel Fortesque
17. Sly Cooper
18. Spike
19. Sweet Tooth
20. Toro

Keep in mind however, that new characters could be added as DLC so the above list may change. For everyone waiting, Playstation: All-Stars will be released on November 20 for Playstation 3 and Vita. Buying the console version will also allow you to get the Vita version for free.



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