All Shallot locations in Coral Island

All Shallot Locations In Coral Island
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As soon as you get to the Summer season in Coral Island, you’ll probably be looking out for the Shallot forgeable, but where are all its locations?

Forgeables can occasionally be difficult to spot, depending on how often they pop up, like Wasabi. If you’re having trouble finding this vegetable, we’re here to help.

Coral Island: Where to find Shallots

Once you reach the summertime, you’ll end up needing to find Shallots for the Lake Temple, as it’s one of the many offerings. Where you can find all Shallot locations in Coral Island is scattered across grassy areas like the Forest, Woodlands, Lake, and just east of your farm.

I found Shallots to appear a lot less often than other forgeables during the Summer. You can easily spot it by its red color and bulbous shape. Despite me naming a few distinct locations on the island, you can find Shallots in more random spots as well.

All Shallot Locations In Coral Island Map
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Just after I’d found my first Shallot south of my farm close to the Lookout, I randomly picked one out of a garbage can. Also, you can apparently receive a Shallot in the mail from Zarah if you have more than two hearts with her.

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But what other uses do Shallots have besides a Lake Temple offering? Well, it’s perfectly fine to munch on, but you can turn Shallots into other meals:

  • Red curry (Yuri, Erika, and Valentina love)
  • Fried rice (Yoko and Pablo love)
  • Fish sandwich (Yuri loves)

If you own a Mason jar, you can turn a Shallot into a Pickled shallot as well, which is an artisan product. Then you can use that Pickled shallot to create Shallot kimchi, which is another type of meal (Paolo loves this meal).

Shallots are also great gifts by themselves. If you check out our gift guide, you’ll realize that nobody loves Shallots, but nearly every resident on Coral Island at least likes them.

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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