All Time Sensitive Quests In Baldurs Gate 3
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All time-sensitive quests in Baldur’s Gate 3

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There are a plethora of quests to complete in Baldur’s Gate 3, but did you know not all of them are good to finish in your own time and some are time-sensitive?

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In true RPG fashion, the world around you doesn’t stop and wait for your characters. But how do you know which quests to complete in a timely fashion? Luckily, we’re here to help you!

Baldur’s Gate 3: All time-sensitive quests

All Time Sensitive Quests In Baldurs Gate 3 Acts
Screenshot: Larian Studios

All Act 1 time-sensitive quests in BG3

Druid Grove

  • Save Arabella: Kagha will kill Arabella if you don’t save her in time.
  • Druid Grove Ritual: Once you enter the Druid Grove, you have around 3-10 Long Rests before the ritual is complete and the druids drive out the tieflings.
  • Raid the Druid Grove: Talk to Minthara to begin the raid on the Druid Grove. After one Long Rest, the raid begins, and any quests you had in the grove are unable to complete.
  • Save the Goblin Sazza: If you either attack the Druid Grove or break Halsin out, Sazza will die.
  • Bugbear Assassin: Once you get into the proximity of the assassin trying to kill the tiefling girl by the telescope and don’t help, she is killed.
  • Investigate the Beach: After initiating the quest, the child tiefling on the beach will die if you don’t intervene.


  • Owlbear Momma: Once you enter the Owlbear cave, kill the Owlbear mother before a Long Rest, or else the goblins will do it first.
  • True Souls Edowin, Andrick, and Brynna: You won’t be able to meet with these three if you get in proximity to trigger the quest and then Long Rest.

Risen Road

  • Find the Missing Shipment: The knolls will kill the guards if you get into proximity of the quest and take a Long Rest.
  • Rescue the Trapped Man and Rescue the Grand Duke: Once you start the quest, if you don’t rescue everyone in the burning inn, the trapped people will die.

Blighted Village

  • The Gnome on the Windmill: Gnome will disappear after some time if you trigger the quest then don’t save him.

Mountain Pass

  • Lae’Zel Confronts the Githyanki: Lae’zel dies if you don’t follow Lae’zel once she leaves the party to talk to the githyanki.


  • Cure the Poisoned Gnome: Thulla dies if you don’t give her an antidote or heal her after an unknown amount of Long Rests.


  • Free True Soul Nere: Nere and the other trapped gnomes will die if you don’t clear the rubble within one Long Rest or a few camp visits.

Companion Quests

  • Karlach: Karlach leaves your party after an unknown amount of Long Rests if you don’t help her kill her pursuers.
  • Gale is a Lil Hungry: If you don’t help feed Gale magic items, he’ll resort to other means of feeding himself after a few Long Rests.

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All Act 2 time-sensitive quests in BG3

Shadow-Cursed Lands

  • The Harpers Ambush Kar’niss: If the Harpers leave for the ambush and you don’t join them after a Long Rest, the quest won’t trigger and you can’t get Kar’niss’ moonlantern.
  • Don’t Let Rolan Die: Rolan will die from the shadows attacking him if you get into proximity of the quest and don’t save him.
  • Lift the Shadow Curse: If Halsin goes to rescue Thaniel from the Shadowfell and you take a Long Rest, Halsin will die.

Moonrise Towers

  • Rescue Wulbren and Rescue the Tieflings: If you enter the Shadowfell to find Nightsong and don’t rescue everyone in the prison, they’ll die.

All Act 3 time-sensitive quests in BG3


  • Help the Devilish Ox: If you don’t deal with the Strange Ox before entering the Lower City or take a few Long Rests, it will disappear.

Wyrm’s Rock

  • Save Counsellor Florrick: After five Long Rests once you learn of Counsellor Florrick’s execution, they will execute her if you don’t free her.

Lower City

  • Investigate the Murders: Once you enter the Lower City and take a few Long Rests, Cora at the wine festival will die if you don’t warn her of the murders.
  • Stop the Presses: Once you initiate the quest and take a Long Rest, your reputation is tarnished and you can’t stop Baldur’s Mouth from publishing their story on you.
  • Save Duke Ravenguard: Upon docking at the Iron Throne prison, you have around five to eight turns in combat before the prison explodes.

Companion Quests

  • Rescue Orin’s Victim: After an unknown amount of Long Rests from figuring out Orin captured one of your companions, they’ll die if you don’t save them in time.
  • The High Harper: Getting in proximity to the Harper Hideout in Wyrm’s Crossing, but not going inside and Long Resting, can result in the location becoming unavailable.

Now that you’ve taken note of all the time-sensitive quests in BG3, you should check out this Act 3 checklist so you know about all the quests you should complete before finishing the game.

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