How to find Allosaurus spawn locations in Ark: Survival Ascended

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Ark: Survival Ascended has only just released but already players are having a great time exploring the ins and outs of the newest installment in the popular dinosaur-survival franchise.

There are a number of new beasts to tame in the game, as well as additional fresh content which is sure to give even the most experienced players joy.

Play alone or team up with others as you work to survive in the harsh wilderness of Ark. You’ll need to gather resources, build a strong base, and tame dinosaurs and other beasts in order to make it. Use the animals as beasts of burden, hunting companions, soldiers, or plain and simple meat in order to live on as long as you can in the wild. In this guide, we will cover how to find all of the Allosaurus spawn locations in Ark: Survival Ascended, so continue reading if you’d like to learn of all the places where you can find the dinosaur!

Where does the Allosaurus spawn in Ark: Survival Ascended?

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As you can see in the image displayed above, the Allosaurus is able to be found in most places on the map called ‘The Island’. However, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll have a lot more luck finding the Allosaurus in some places rather than others. We recommend that you search for the Allosaurus in places where there are lots of different spawn points for it. Namely, the top half of the island. This will maximize your chances of coming across an Allosaurus in the wild!

You’ll find an Allosaurus almost anywhere carnivores can spawn as well, and if there is a dinosaur already occupying the spawn point, then simply kill the beast, walk out of render distance from the spawn point so it refreshes, and then continue this strategy until an Allosaurus spawns in. In our experience, Allosaurus are most commonly found in the redwoods and on the west coast of the map — so head there if you’re struggling to find them.

What are the spawn stats for the Allosaurus in Ark: Survival Ascended?

The base stats for the Allosaurus when it spawns in are as follows:

  • Health – 630
  • Stamina – 250
  • Oxygen – 150
  • Food – 3,000
  • Weight – 380
  • Melee Damage – 35/25
  • Movement Speed – 100%
  • Torpidity – 1,000
  • Base Speed (Walking) – 650
  • Base Speed (Swimming) – 300

How do you tame the Allosaurus in Ark: Survival Ascended?

In order to tame the Allosaurus in the game, you will need to do a couple of different things first. Your primary objective is to corner ab Allosaur alone, isolating it from its pack. Your first goal is to make the Allosaur and its pack aggressive towards you by firing upon it with your weapon of choice, preferably using Tranquilizer Darts or Tranquilizer Arrows as projectiles. Single out your target Allosaur and pelt it with your weapons.

Next, you will want to take down the rest of its pack using a high-damage weapon like a Crossbow, taking care to aim for headshots to deal increased amounts of damage. Lastly, feed it with a food like Superior Kibble or Raw Mutton to have your taming be over quickly, as this will quickly fill the Allosaur’s hunger bar and tame it in no time at all. Good luck out there in the wild!

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