Alpha Lucky And Fusion Pal Types In Palworld Explained
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Alpha, Lucky, and Fusion Pal types in Palworld, explained

Three Pal variations.

Upon first jumping into Palworld, you may be surprised to find Pal types such as Alpha, Lucky, and Fusion. But what do these mean, and how are they different?

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This guide will help distinguish between these three Pal types so you know what to catch. Here’s everything you need to know about Alpha, Lucky, and Fusion Pals.

Palworld: Alpha, Lucky, and Fusion Pal types, explained

While there are plenty of normal-type Pals available to catch, what are the Alpha, Lucky, and Fusion Pal types in Palworld? Well, here’s an easy explanation of these three variations:

  • Alpha: Large boss-type Pals available in the open-world.
  • Lucky: Similar to Pokémon’s “Shiny” types, Lucky Pals shimmer and are rarer, leading to them having special abilities.
  • Fusion: Special Pals who are products of two other Pals being bred.

Any Pal can have a Lucky version of it, but there are only specific types of Alpha and Fusion Pals. You can easily come across huge, Alpha Pals roaming the vast open world, but you can only create Fusion Pals yourself through cross-breeding.

Note: This game is in Early Access, and we’re still discovering more as we play. This information is subject to change and update!

All Alpha Pals in Palworld

Alpha Lucky And Fusion Pal Types In Palworld Explained Mammorest
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Paldeck NumberPal NameAlpha Name
020BoltmaneKing of Thunder
033MossandaGuardian of the Forest
051ElizabeeEmpress of the Hive
055ChilletDancer of the Plains
079SibelyxMessenger of Snow Catastrophe
082AzurobeQueen of the Lake
088ReptyroMagma-born Juggernaut
089KingpacaSupreme Fluff Commander
090MammorestKing of the Forest
091WumpoGuardian of the Snowy Mountain
092WarsectUnyielding Colossus
098AstegonRavager of Stars
100AnubisGuardian of the Dark Sun
104LyleenQueen of Lilies
105FalerisMaster of the Flame Sky
107ShadowbeakUnknown Life Form
111JetragonLegendary Celestial Dragon

All Fusion Pals in Palworld

To have a Fusion Pal, you must breed two Pals together that can work to create one of these many Fusions. Cross-breeding is still being researched as the game recently released in Early Access, but since we recently discovered all Pal breeding combos, we know more about which Pals you specifically need.

In a Reddit post on the Palworld subreddit, one user was able to figure out all the breeding combos based on datamined information. Here are all the Fusion Pals that we know about:

Parent OneParent TwoFusion Pal
JolthogPengulletJolthog Cryst
MauPengulletMau Cryst
GobfinRoobyGobfin Ignis
HangyuSweeHangyu Cryst
MossandaGrizzboltMossanda Lux
EikthyrdeerHangyuEikthyrdeer Terra
IncineramMaraithIncineram Noct
LeezpinkFlambelleLeezpink Ignis
RobinquillFuddlerRobinquill Terra
PyrinKatressPyrin Noct
DinossomRayhoundDinossom Lux
SurfentDumudSurfent Terra
VanwyrmFoxcicleVanwyrm Cryst
KelpseaUnknown Fire PalKelpsea Ignis
BlazehowlFelbatBlazehowl Noct
RelaxaurusSparkitRelaxaurus Lux
BroncherryFuackBroncherry Aqua
ReptyroFoxcicleReptyro Cryst
KingpacaReindrixKingpaca Cryst
MammorestWumpoMammorest Cryst
WumpoUnknown Grass PalWumpo Botan
JormuntideUnknown Fire PalJormuntide Ignis
SuzakuJormuntideSuzaku Aqua
LyleenMenastingLyleen Noct
ElphidranAquaElphidran Aqua
FrostallionHelzephyrFrostallion Noct

Now that you know about the three Pal types in Palworld, you should check out our guide on the best Pals for farming.

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