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May is just around the corner, which means another batch of Amazon Prime Gaming deals are coming soon. The service announced its May Games With Prime lineup today, featuring five free titles for all members. In addition, next month will feature tons of in-game bonus content for Fall Guys, Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Auto Online, and more. The deals begin on Monday, May 3.

According to Prime Gaming’s announcement, the May Games With Prime lineup includes Youku’s Island Express, Healer’s Quest, Beholder, The Blind Prophet, and A Blind Legend. All five of these games will drop on Monday, so you can claim all of them at once. Meanwhile, it’s your last chance to grab this month’s lineup: The Escapists, Before I Forget, Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron, Moving Out, and Move or Die Couch Party Edition.


Throughout the month of May, Prime Gaming members can nab item drops in games like MLB Tap Sports Baseball and League of Legends. However, there are also a few deals available right now. For starters, check the Fitness Fiesta costume in Fall Guys and discounted vehicles in GTA Online.

Something for everyone

Prime Gaming teased that there’s “something for everyone” in next month’s lineup. Check out the May Games with Prime breakdown:

  • Yoku’s Island Express: This pinball adventure game sees players control a dung beetle named Yoku who must save Mokumana Island from getting destroyed, save its people, and discover the island’s deities. The twist is that Yoku can’t jump, so players must send him flying with pinball paddles.
  • Healer’s Quest: In this comedy RPG, players take on the role of the Healer, tasked with magically tending to the wounds of the other members in their party.
  • Beholder: The government in a totalitarian state recruits a man named Carl to spy on his rental property tenants. As Carl, players can choose to follow the government’s rules and report suspicious activity, or let the activity slide. However, every choice will affect the game’s story.
  • The Blind Prophet: Players become an apostle named Bartholomeus on a point-‘n’-click adventure to “liberate the corrupted city of Rotbork.” At the same time, Bartholomeus must fend against the city’s evil forces.
  • A Blind Legend: This unique action game has no video or graphics, leaving players with only the sense of hearing as they travel through a dark work as a knight.

All Amazon Prime members receive access to Prime Gaming. New subscribers can get a free month trial.

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