AMD Crimson

In a move that hopefully isn’t just rearranging deck-chairs on the Titanic, AMD has announced that the old Catalyst Control Center software will be getting a rebrand and a new UI as Radeon Software.

The first release of this new software suite will be dubbed ‘Crimson’, with major updates promised annually and interim updates every month.

This change to Radeon Software will also incorporate some underlying driver changes, but AMD aren’t talking about those at the moment so the focus at this point is pretty much on the new UI.

Right now, the sorts of options offered by Radeon Software appear to be very similar to those in the Catalyst Control Center (forcing AA, or applying AMD’s FreeSync, things like that). The word is that things are laid out a little better now, though.

One option that does seem to have been expanded and improved, however, is the use of AMD’s ‘Overdrive’ settings for overclocking your card. It’ll be possible to now set this up on a ‘per game’ basis, so you don’t have to make the binary choice of always/never overclocking. That aspect sounds pretty good.

Ideally, Radeon Software will eventually catch up with the third-party RadeonPro software, which (though it’s no longer update) has been offering a vastly improved array of GPU options to Catalyst for some years now.

Here’s the announcement video, complete with a look at the new UI. Radeon Software Crimson edition isn’t out yet, but based on what’s said in the trailer, it shouldn’t be far off.

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