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It’s goodbye to Catalyst, and hello to Radeon Software today, as AMD launches its re-branded and re-styled driver software suite. This first release is being dubbed ‘Crimson’ (much like ‘Omega’ last December, it’s big enough to get a code name) and introduces both the software package and the latest 15.30.1025 drivers.

As long as you’re on an AMD card from the 7700 series of later, that is, because older cards appear to now be on ‘legacy’ support (which I think means they’ll still be using Catalyst).

Anybody with a modern enough card can start feeling their way around the new Radeon Software (which shouldn’t be too difficult, as aside from a new UI it seems to have some quite familiar features). Forcing different types of AA, using AMD’s FreeSync and all of the previous Catalyst options should still be there.

This new software does promise a few new tricks, though. It should now be possible to set AMD’s ‘Overdrive’ (overclocking) up on a ‘per game’ basis, so you won’t have to make the binary choice of always/never overclocking.

Here’s a video about Crimson (it’s the one from when they announced this change, so you may have seen it already), featuring some exciting AMD talking-heads and even more exciting UI shots.

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