Montana is big on grain hauling in new American Truck Simulator DLC

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Players of American Truck Simulator will soon be able to enjoy the new type of cargo that will be included in the upcoming Montana map DLC expnasion — grain. Well, to be more specific, it will be sugar, among other grain types that will be available for hauling.

SCS made this announcement in a recent developer update, where it detailed how the agricultural industry is an important part of Montana’s real world economy. American Truck Simulator plans to showcase this aspect of life in the farm-laden state, as the Montana map expansion will feature several different farms and other heavy agriculture-focused industrial complexes to deliver goods to. Players can experience facilities such as a major sugar processing plant and grain elevators that are used to load crops onto other trucks and trains. This may sound familiar, it’s the same complexes that you can build in Farming Simulator 22. (Totally missed opportunity for a cross-over!)


Preparing for a long haul

The Montana map expansion for American Truck Simulator has been in production (no pun intended) for several months now, though a release window still has yet to be provided. SCS notoriously tends not to make such announcements until development is on its exact last stretch, so it may not be until later this Spring (or even Summer?) that we see this released.

Beyond the Montana DLC, SCS is also working on the California Rework Project, which consists of updates to the original map that will bring it up to the more modern standards of the sim’s recent scenery. Various cities, landmarks, and road networks are either getting completely re-done, or replaced as part of this enhancement project. Additionally, work continues on the Texas expansion. Not much news has come out about that in a while, though, signaling it’s still a long-ways off from being released.

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