Among Us Color Ranking

Since the surge in the popularity of Among Us, the developers have been deploying new content into the game to keep up with demand. The new Airship map provided a new experience for players. At the same time, 15 player lobbies have switched up the dynamics of the game. Another addition to the game offered new colors for players to assign their characters. The latest colors are rose, banana, gray, coral, and tan. You can change the color of your Among Us character by using the computer in the pre-game lobby. Regarding the different colors, InnerSloth has shared a fun statistic which ranks all the Among Us color options based on popularity.

The data around the most popular color choices in Among Us was shared on Twitter. It should come as no surprise that red is the most popular color, as it is how the characters primarily appear on cover art for the game. The most surprising takeaway from this data is that most of the new colors that were introduced as a part of the update rank extremely low. Usually, players are eager to try out any new content that drops. However, in terms of colors, this does not seem to be the case.


Where would you rank the Among Us colors?

Although the color of your impostor or crewmate does not impact the game, it is definitely an interesting piece of data. The new colors have been welcomed by Among Us fans, as these provide more customization options. Perhaps once more people see the color rankings, justice for tan will be achieved. Within the Twitter thread, the developers did post a consolation prize for tan in the form of a first last place trophy. It will be interesting to see if InnerSloth adds even more colors into the game in the future. With the base colors reigning supreme, it may be a while before any more are revealed.

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