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Creator of Genital Jousting is back with Anger Foot, with a demo out today

The "world's deadliest feet."

Anger Foot, revealed today during the Devolver Digital Showcase, is your quintessential Devolver game. It’s loud, obnoxious, and drenched in silly violence. And buckets of blood. Anger Foot is a first-person action game, coming to us from the makers of Broforce and Genital Jousting. It’s another imaginative game from developer Free Lives. Anger Foot looks wacky and hilarious, and you can play a demo of it on Steam starting now.

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The crux of Anger Foot is that you use your foot to kill enemies, angrily. It’s not a complicated premise. Guns are there for long-range fights, but up close, you can whip out your leg like a battering ram. Once hit, enemies ragdoll across the room. There is some strategy you can use for your anger foot. Doors can be kicked in, and will kill enemies they fly into. ‘Strategically placed’ explosive barrels can also be launched toward your foes. And you know what happens after.


Anger Foot is a lightning-fast hard bass blast of kicking doors and kicking ass,” reads the game description. “Crash through the caffeine-fueled fever dream of Shit City, putting the boot to a menacing menagerie of merciless gangsters.”

Check out the trailer below. Devolver has issued an epilepsy warning with the video, however.

A free pass to kick some ass

Playing Dance Dance Revolution on enemy skulls looks like great fun, and you can enhance those dancing feet as you progress. Over time, you can upgrade your killing abilities and unlock new sneakers. I’m not entirely sure if the shoes are cosmetic or if they provide different powers. I’d be down, either way.

According to the Steam page, you travel across multiple types of areas in Anger Foot. Skyscrapers, sewers, and the slums won’t be able to avoid those dancing legs. You can see some of those areas in the trailer above. Each area contains enemies, who are anthropomorphic animals. There are also actual animals, like snakes, and those tentacles you see in the sewers.

Overall, Anger Foot looks like good, dumb fun so far. And I’m good if it’s dumb. I still laugh at farts, real or otherwise. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait until its 2023 launch to try the game out, as Anger Foot has a demo now on Steam.

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