Anthem seasonal event Icetide

Yes, Anthem players. You have an update to celebrate this holiday season — though things will likely be on the cold side with Icetide. The official Anthem web page provides the details on update 1.6.0, which should be available right now. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from it.

What does this update of Anthem entail?

First off, there’s the Icetide add-on, which is more detailed at EA’s page. In a nutshell, it’s a new event that’s taking place over the course of the season. It offers individual rewards and challenges for players, similar to what Season of Skulls did. And you’ll be able to take in a lot of holiday decor, including ornaments and colorful lights. It’ll be open for all players, no matter what your skill level might be.

There are also a number of seasonal Strongholds that you’ll come across, with score leaderboards included. You’ll be able to compete alongside other Freelancers to see who can do the best. On top of that, a store is available, where you can exchange your Crystals for War Chests as you progress.

Freeplay Time Trials are also on hand, where you can take part in eight unique challenges. Can you beat the Gold times? Only one way to find out. There’s additionally the new Icetide Coolant Harvesting World Event. Here, you’ll take part in a Legendary challenge while taking on sinister outlaws.

The mode also includes general Challenges to take on, as well as hidden collectibles to find and new Cortex Entries. You can even take on the new Tomb of Legionnaires offering, with New Guardians’ Tokens up for grabs.

The full details are available at the blog page. But yes, there’s something here for Anthem fans to savor. A trailer for the event isn’t ready yet, but check out the one for the previous Cataclysm below.

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