Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Egg Hint

An Apex Legends developer has just given players some clues to unlocking an Easter egg in the new firing range. The developer, Rayme Vinson, was responding to a thread started by a Twitter user named Raeldon when he dropped the hint. Be warned, though – it’s a bit of a riddle.

Since the riddle was put to fans, speculation has been rampant. What are these four things? Is the blanked-out word six letters long, or was the use of six stars a coincidence? Here’s everything we know that could help you in your journey to the Easter egg.

When Rayme refers to four things being true, he is likely speaking as a programmer. When something is ‘true’, it means a variable is positive or present. So, if you were wearing gold armor, it would be true that your character had gold armor on. Or, if you were standing in a certain location, it would be true that you were standing at that location. Alternatively, if you had a P2020, it would be false that you had a Peacekeeper. Hopefully, you get the idea.

The question that started the thread was if the Easter egg required three people to unlock. Rayme responded with a clear Danny DeVito-giffed “Nope”. So, you can do it solo. Rayme has also said the Apex Legends firing range Easter egg has nothing to do with getting outside the map. He admitted he had no idea that was even possible until players managed to do it. He also confirmed that it doesn’t require you to be using a specific legend. His exact words were actually, “Not really!” This could mean it can be done with any legend, but it might be easier with certain ones – which likely means mobile heroes like Pathfinder and Octane.

Ready player one

Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Egg Search

Tell me what you know. Tell me or I’ll shoot you in the head!

That’s all the reliable information out there on the Apex Legends firing range Easter egg. Everything else is speculation. I’ve got some speculative thoughts rolling around in my head too. Maybe they’ll help you get to the egg.

The most obvious thing is that you have four slots for equipment: helmet, armor, knockdown shield, and backpack. The right combination of equipment could be what unlocks the egg. The most obvious action, which also has six letters in it, would be to revive. That means you would need to gold knockdown shield.

You have two weapon slots that give you one piece of information: how much ammo you have. Could the four true things be two specific weapons with a specific amount of ammo in?

The P2020 is the starting weapon in the firing range. No one likes the P2020. But maybe the trick is to keep the P2020 and put the correct three attachments on it, then shoot something specific. The same theory could apply to any of the guns with three attachment slots. Or it could apply to any of the guns with four attachment slots – the gun itself may not be the thing that needs to be true.

I’ve spent a few hours trying things, but there are so many variables that fit the riddle. I suspect we’re going to need another clue before the Apex Legends firing range Easter egg gets cracked. Until then, happy hunting legends.

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