Apex Legends Mirage guide – tips and tricks for the trickster

Mirage Playstyle

When Apex Legends first launched, Mirage was a bit of a meme character. His affinity for jokes and clumsy nature made him likable. But his mediocre abilities left a lot to be desired. The potential was always there though. And, over the Seasons, Mirage has become a viable competitive choice. In the right hands, he’s a threat. And still a comedian. In this Apex Legends Mirage guide, we’ll look at what makes the Legend good and how you can use him most effectively.

At first glance, Mirage appears to be a shallow character, focused entirely on himself. However, much like his true nature, there’s a lot more depth to the Legend. He’s an escape artist. A crafty competitor who can lure unsuspecting enemies into vulnerable positions. Plus, he can be a superb team player.


Joker becomes Legend

Mirage’s biggest weakness was always that his abilities weren’t effective against astute players. His holographic decoys ran in a straight line, didn’t perform any other motions, and it made no sounds. If you were familiar with how players move in-game, you could spot Mirage’s decoys at a glance.

character image

However, a few Seasons back, Mirage received a rework which started him on his path from meme to Legend. With the arrival of Apex Legends Season 8, Mirage received one final buff to complete his transformation.

The rework allows players to take control of Mirage’s decoys so that they mimic natural movements. Respawn further buffed decoys with small amounts of health. As of the last patch though, Mirage’s decoys also make footstep sounds. Indeed, Mirage can truly bamboozle enemies now.

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