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Apex Legends Revenant analysis guide — The phantom nemesis

Embrace death.
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Passive ability: Stalker

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There are plenty of Legends that have impressive movement characteristics, but none quite like Revenant. The main attractions of his Passive ability are that he can crouch walk with full walk/jog speed and climb significantly higher (and faster) than any other Legend. A skilled tactician playing as Revenant can use these perks in many ways to exploit opponent’s expectations during firefights, such as outflanking enemies and escaping pursuit, to name a few.


We’ll focus on the recent climbing ability buff first since it’s the most noteworthy change to Revenant’s abilities. Before the update, he was already the best climber in the game. Revenant could overcome most two story buildings, depending on the ceiling height of the structure, and sometimes even scale three stories. What he could do before was already quite useful, but his new capabilities are a game changer. And they’re more lore accurate at that.

Just like in the original trailer that introduced him, Revenant can now climb vertically like a true, creepy machine. From mounting a wall to the maximum release height, Revenant can climb for about eight seconds. That’s six times the climb height of the other Legends, generally speaking. Revenant can essentially climb any structure you happen across now, as well as most environmental obstacles. Let’s talk use cases.

The first thing to comprehend is how good this ability really is. Aside from gaining vertical height, Revenant can scale horizontally to a small degree as long as you’re generally going up. Since many objects in the game feature small protrusions where you can stand, you can scale towards these to get on top and reset your climb height, effectively doubling the already generous potential. In fact, Revenant is easily capable of climbing the large tower in the Firing Range. By using the horizontal beams to stand on and reset, he can weave his way to the top in about 20-30 seconds.

Apex Legends Revenant Climbing Stalker Passive Ability Guide

Revenant can climb this high in a single attempt and can do the whole tower with just two climb resets.

Survive or assassinate

This climbing buff is a game changer in terms of survival. The Ring in Apex Legends moves very fast at times, and some maps feature a lot of verticality that requires short detours to ramps and ziplines. Revenant’s new climbing ability allows him to bypass a lot more obstacles now and focus on direct paths towards locations. In firefights, this is also a mechanism to escape pursuers that may not be able to follow. It’s also important to remember that Revenant can scale silently, which may allow you to give enemies the slip after ducking around a corner and going straight up. Just like in the movies.

Climbing is also a way to achieve a tactical advantage in offensive situations, or to gain the element of surprise. Seeing as Apex Legends is a game that caters to those who have height on their enemies, you can use Revenant to even the odds in more situations. Most enemies won’t expect you (or hear you) climbing over the edge of a building several stories up either. This can allow you to get several opportune shots in before they respond. You can also use his climbing ability to get to ideal sniper perches and/or scout.

Death Totem Silence Stalker Guide Tactical Passive Ultimate

Move like a killing wind

Now that you have a few vertical strategies to consider, it’s time to consider Revenant’s swift and silent crouch walk. This mechanic has not changed, but most players don’t use it to its full extent. Simply put, if you’re not sprinting with Revenant, you should always be crouch walking. Doing so makes his footsteps completely silent, allowing you to hear enemies first and not be heard by them. You also reduce your hitbox significantly in this mode, without losing maneuverability.

In fact, Revenant’s movement and weapon accuracy improves while crouched versus walking, hence why you should always use it. When standing, Revenant loses left/right directional speed. When crouched, he retains full movement speed in every direction, even while aiming. Combine this with strafing during gunfights, and you have a clear advantage. This also makes him the best Legend to cover a retreat, as he can keep eyes on enemies without being a slow target.

Revenant is also a superb escape artist due to the fact that enemies will never know where he’s going when he’s crouch walking. Use it to escape pursuers, and try to get creative with your escape routes, as you have the speed to pull off escapes that may defy the expectations of your enemies. Additionally, you can use his increased crouch speed to heal while rotating to different cover if enemies are trying to flank you. Slower Legends are pretty much stuck in one spot when healing, but Revenant can turn a corner without needing to cancel the healing.

Due to his impressive movement abilities, Revenant can get up close and personal on enemies in Apex Legends in short windows. You should use crouch walk in combination with climbing tactics to hit hard and fast when opponents are distracted. Then, fade away if needed.

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