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Apex Legends is a game that just keeps getting better with more features, maps, guns, and Legends to choose from with each new season. Developer Respawn Entertainment also backs up the game with periodical installments of animated shorts. These are called Stories from the Outlands, and do most of the worldbuilding for Apex Legends. The latest episode features one of the original Legends, which is none other than the lovable, high-flying robot Pathfinder. Needless to say, there are plenty of punchlines and funny moments despite the seriousness surrounding the action.

The story opens up with the introduction of Victor Maldera, an elite detective turned washed-up security guard. He laments on past glories and failures alike. Despite his many successes, he never got ’em all. One “Nox” managed to evade him for years, which players will recognize as Caustic. Things are quiet for Maldera until one night when a clumsy robot that is Pathfinder manages to bop a gangster over the head with a bottle while attempting to serve tables at a diner. The encounter winds up with the bullet bouncing off the robot’s metal frame and killing the gangster, which leads Maldera to bring it in for interrogation.


Cue the reel

While Maldera reviews Pathfinder’s video logs, we’re treated to a reel of clips related to Pathfinder’s previous occupations. It apparently wasn’t a great worker, as it was regularly fired from jobs due to clumsiness, despite having a wholesome and positive attitude. We see Pathfinder break all kinds of things, while also witnessing various murders including one by Revenant. A scene with Caustic stirring up trouble is what draws Maldera’s attention, though.

Apex Legends Stories From The Outlands Caustic

Meanwhile, a mob boss shows up to try and capture Pathfinder, though for different reasons than accidentally killing an associate. As we see from another one of the video logs, Pathfinder is apparently a special robot, sharing some connection to a scientist known as Dr. Amelia P. Could it be a reference to Wattson Pacquette? Perhaps her mother? We still don’t know.

Hello friend

As for Pathfinder, it gets plenty of moments in the spotlight when the ruckus begins. Maldera and Pathfinder run through an action packed escape route that ends with dead bad guys and Pathfinder gaining its signature grappling gun. The two new “friends” barely make it out alive, but the story ends with Pathfinder learning its true nature before short-circuiting from battle damage. The animation, action, and one-liners are all top-notch stuff, so you should definitely give it a watch. There are a few more details I didn’t mention, such as the small twist in the final scene.

Overall, this episode of Stories from the Outlands is another great addition to the lore of Apex Legends. It’s hard to say if this episode teased any new Legends, but it did certainly entertain and do some character building. If anything, you’re sure to think a little more about your favorite Apex Legends characters the next time you play.

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