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It looks like Apex Legends is about to take off in the literal sense when Season 9 Legacy arrives next week. There will be a new Arena elimination mode, a new season pass, a new Legend, some eerie map changes to Olympus, and a unique new weapon. Apex Legends players were introduced to Valkyrie last week and got a preview of what her abilities will look like, but today’s trailer is far more telling. Aside from the new Legend, Respawn Entertainment also introduced a new and unique weapon known as the Bocek Bow, which could shake up the meta in Apex Legends with its multiple hop-up attachment options.

We already known a little about what to expect for Valkyrie’s abilities due to dataminers and previous trailers. However, the latest Apex Legends video shows exactly what to expect for her Tactical and Ultimate abilities. Valkyrie will be able to fire a cluster of missiles from her backpack to blanket an area in explosions, which is likely her Tactical. It sounds quite powerful, but it also seems to highlight the area for enemies to see they are getting targeted as well.


Sky’s no longer the limit

The other ability shown in the trailer reveals that Valkyrie can take off vertically into the sky to redeploy. Better yet, she can take her entire squad with her. This should prove to be powerful for the right-minded players, as it will allow for teams to gain high ground, escape bad situations (though there is a risk of exposure while taking off vertically), and traverse areas that are normally impossible to cross. Seeing as this can provide a lot more utility than the missile cluster ability, this is surely her Ultimate.

Valkyrie’s Passive has yet to be officially confirmed, but it appears she will be able to hover by engaging the jump button while already in the air. Valkyrie also appears capable of small vertical bursts into the air, but we’ll just have to wait and see what all she can do when the new season begins. All in all, she should be an interesting and useful addition to the meta. Whether she can soar to the top is a different matter.

Speaking of birds, you can now Hawkeye enemies

The Bocek Bow marks the first non-firearm weapon to be available in Apex Legends. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before some kind of sword shows up in the game since Titanfall totally had them, but we’re just dealing with the bow for now. The Bocek Bow should be an interesting addition as well, as it will feature two Hop-Up slots for players to customize how the projectiles do damage. You’ll be able use Shatter Caps for a shotgun-like cluster projectile effect, and Deadeye’s Tempo which increases the fire rate. We still have plenty of questions on how exactly this weapon will work, but we’ll break it down in a guide once we get our hands on it.

Apex Legends Bocek Bow Valkyrie Abilities 1

As one final tease for Season 9 Legacy, Respawn Entertainment included a brief clip of something… new coming to Olympus. A strange ship is about to touch down, and it will bring with it some kind of creepy vine-like organism. My inner Halo fan is screaming Flood vibes, but we’ll see what this thing is soon enough when the season begins on May 4. And no, it won’t be an actual crossover.

You can also check out our Apex Legends guides and features hub to find more info and analysis on these new Legends, modes, and weapons as they are added to the game.

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