Astria Ascending Zodiac Ring

The Zodiac Ring is a tool that you obtain early on in Astria Ascending‘s campaign. At this stage, it has a very basic function. Later on, though, you’ll see more abilities that will aid you in your exploration. Here’s our Astria Ascending guide to help you with the Zodiac Ring powers.

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Astria Ascending guide: Zodiac Ring powers

You’ll receive the first Zodiac Ring power in Astria Ascending once you reach the Peyska Spring Sewers (seen in the image below). This lets you shoot a non-elemental projectile by pressing the right trigger button (RT). There are two functions:

  • Hitting a Noise enemy will freeze it, allowing you to avoid battles by jumping over them.
  • Shooting an ornate mechanical device activates switches or opens doorways.

You’ll obtain additional Zodiac Ring powers that belong to different elemental categories as you progress further. Astria Ascending‘s campaign is structured in such a way that you’ll visit various temples, each with its own power to grab. To switch between these abilities, just press the left or right shoulder buttons (LB/RB).

Astrasc Zodpow 1

Pisces Temple: Water

Allows you to collect water from a nearby source (i.e., a stone slab). You can transport this to another slab to change the depth of a nearby body of water.

Astria Ascending Zodiac Ring 1

Aries Temple: Fire

Burns wreckage so you can pass through to reach another area. This can also be used to clear certain obstacles like spiderwebs in Taurus Temple.

Astria Ascending Zodiac Ring 2

Virgo Temple: Earth

Creates a stone statue of Ulan. You can climb on top of this to reach ledges that are higher up.

Astria Ascending Zodiac Ring 3

Gemini Temple: Air

Lobs a wind orb that can push blocks to the opposite direction.

Astria Ascending Zodiac Ring 4

Additional Zodiac Ring upgrades

The ones I mentioned above are main abilities that you acquire in the campaign. However, you can also pick up additional upgrades in the remaining temples. Here are examples of the ones I’ve visited (there are other temples not mentioned here so you could visit those areas as well):

  • Scorpio Temple: Water upgrade – Lets Ulan walk on water.
  • Taurus Temple: Earth upgrade – Allows Ulan to switch places with a statue that you’ve spawned. Simply cast the Earth ability to create the statue, move it around if you wish, then press the left trigger button (LT) to change places.
  • Sagittarius Temple: Fire upgrade – There are certain spots in Astria Ascending with a burning ray of light that automatically kills Ulan. This upgrade nullifies that effect. It’s also important if you want to acquire equipment for Fedorah.
  • Libra: Air upgrade – This is a Zodiac Ring upgrade in Astria Ascending that actually lets Ulan jump and glide while in mid-air.

Astrasc Zodpow 2

Astria Ascending is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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