ASUS unveils Steam Machines gaming PC


ASUS is the latest PC manufacturer to reveal themselves as a Steam Machines partner.

The Taiwanese company unveiled their latest batch of Republic of Gamers products, which includes ROG GR8. The GR8 is packed with an i7, GTX 750Ti, SupremeFX, Gigabit Ethernet, UHD capability and even Miracast. The computer will be fully compatible with Steam Machines and its controller, but of course, will also be able to run Windows 8.1.

Steam Machines partners have candidly admitted they expect to make a loss on their 1st batch of computers, but they are willing to take the risks. PCs are declining in growth relative to mobile devices, but gaming PCs continue to serve as good business. It should be interesting to see how Steam Machines perform in the market the moment they become available.