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I was hoping that I’d see a Zombies Ate My Neighbors remake in my lifetime. But since I know that’s pretty much never going to happen, there are other games that have filled that void. Atomicrops is the closest thing I think I’ll ever get to that experience — and that’s completely okay with me. The first major content update is now live, landing just in time for Halloween.

A gourd load of updates for Atomicrops

It looks like there are general updates across the board for Atomicrops. These include both general updates to the gameplay and the inclusion of new Halloween-themed additions to celebrate the season-o-pumpkins. In terms of general balancing, though, it looks like it tackles frustrations for players, such as the final boss’s AI difficulty. Other tweaks include the Weed Wacker tractor’s cooldown time (from 120 seconds to 90 seconds), additional stat upgrades to the item pool, and all bullets destroyed at dusk. These are only a few bullet points in the long list. So, please, check the full patch notes.

New characters and gun changes

For gameplay, you can expect a new playable character named Rye. Rye is a mechanic, starts out with a turret, and has weapons that last for two days. Lavender, on the other hand, is a beekeeper that starts out with two bees with crops growing 20% faster. Other additions include a new love interest, Norman the Human. Although, in the Atomicrops patch notes, it’s noted that “he’s not a bug.” So, he’s probably a bug.

Atomicrops Rye

Outside of the newly added characters, it looks like there are 10 new guns added to the mix. And with the newly expanded roster of firearms, you can now upgrade guns more than three times in-game.

Spooky new duds

There is quite a bit to digest when it comes to everything coming for the Halloween celebration. A few of these new updates include a scarecrow turret (blocks bullets/pushes enemies), a rare pumpkin crop, and duct tape to keep your guns lasting an extra day. If that wasn’t enough, you now have a new difficulty with the addition of Year 2. The only note beside this difficulty increase reads, “Good luck.” So, it can’t be that hard, right?

The new content for Atomicrops is now live. As mentioned, there is a slew of new tweaks and changes to bosses and weapons. A separate list of fixes is also available on the official Atomicrops website under the “Ghosts ‘n Gourds Content Update – 0.11.3f4” dropdown tab. The game is also currently discounted on the Epic Games Store from US$14.99 to $11.99.

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