August and September roadmap for Lost Ark features Pet Ranch and Machinist class

Lost Ark roadmap Pet Ranch

Just today, the developers of the free-to-play MMO Lost Ark posted a news update on the game’s official website. This update covers the August and September roadmap for Lost Ark, which will see the developers releasing three updates of varying sizes across both months. Notably, this marks a change from the developers’ usual release strategy of dropping a sizable new update every month. This time, players will receive “a smaller content update in August, a quality of life and back-end tech update in early September, and a final major content update near the end of September.”

August’s content update will introduce the Pet Ranch, a new location tailor-made for hanging out with your pet. Players can engage with the Pet Ranch’s activities to boost their pets’ morale, and they can also acquire scrumptious Jelly Cookies to trade for rewards. Additionally, the August update will implement new activities in the Maharaka festival, which seem to center around these new Maharaka Tree leaves that players can collect to earn various goodies.


What about the following updates?

As for the September updates, the first one will bring small improvements to the experience that will “[pave] the way for the second September Update.” A few of the changes include additional chat options, new hairstyles, and improved training options. The following update comes with a significant new feature in the form of the Machinist class. Unlike other classes, this one boasts high-tech armor and weaponry, as well as a combat system that revolves around charging energy cores for boosted attack damage.

Fans of Lost Ark who want to learn more can read about all the updates coming courtesy of the August and September roadmap on the official website. All in all, there’s a decent amount of content to look forward to, including raids, events, and skins. Lost Ark players should be fairly busy over the next few months.

Lost Ark roadmap Machinist


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