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Initially released back in the early 2000s on consoles, the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance duology of action RPGs attracted quite the following. Unfortunately, many PC players did not have the opportunity to join said following for the longest time, as both games remained exclusively on consoles for around two decades. That thankfully changed late last year when the original installment saw a rerelease on PC for the very first time. And now, developer Black Isle Studios has revealed on its Twitter page that Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II will follow suit and come to PC sometime this year.

Black Isle Studios posted a brief teaser trailer within its announcement tweet. It does not feature much other than the massive numbers “II” and “2022” emblazed against a fiery background in all their glory. Additionally, Black Isle Studios teased that the PC port will come “sooner than you think” and that the dates it will announce “will hopefully make everyone very happy.” The studio also confirmed that it plans to release the PC version alongside the console versions, so PC players who had to wait a few months after the first game came out on modern consoles can breathe a sigh of relief.


What’s the game about?

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II takes place mainly within the titular Baldur’s Gate city, and the player has five separate playable characters to choose from. These five protagonists all have their own reasons for coming to the city, and players can help them achieve their goals by making use of their distinct abilities and fighting styles.

If you missed out on Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II all these years, then the upcoming PC release should do more than enough to keep you up to speed. Of course, those who wish to try out the original Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance first can freely do so on Steam.

Baldur's Gate II PC skeletons

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