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Last year Streamers and Youtubers were caught being involved in a CS:GO gambling scandal which was exposed e-sports journalist Richard Lewis. The result of this revelation saw accounts closed and legal action being taken against some involved in the CS:GO gambling scene.

One of the Youtuber and Twitch streamers caught up in the scandal was James “Phantoml0rd” Varga. Varga was implicated in being involved with a gambling CS:GO site CSGOShuffle where he was complicit in rigging the percentages of wins and losses.

Following the investigation, Twitch closed down Phantoml0rd’s channel after Valve’s stepped in to try and tackle the CS:GO gambling scene. Twitch went on to confirm that streaming any gambling sites that (mis)used Steam’s OpenID API would be a breach of their Terms of Service.

A year on and James “Phantoml0rd” Varga has resurfaced on Youtube to address the action taken by Twitch. Varga read out a legal statement from his lawyer.

“As many of you are aware, there is an ongoing dispute between myself and Twitch.Tv. As a result of this dispute, I am not currently providing content through While I cannot and will not comment on the substance of this dispute, I assure you I am considering all of my legal options and I am looking forward to asserting my rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Varga then goes on to discuss what has happened in the past year and says the community has been “savage”. He also says that the PhantomL0rd brand has “been destroyed” and he’s now “fighting back”. Varga then goes into a diatribe of self-pity and aplogises where “things ended up”. He now wants to make a return to the scene and rebuild his audience.

What will happen between Varga and Twitch remains to be seen.

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