Leaks suggest Battlefield 2042’s mystery game mode is a sandbox with remastered maps

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While EA revealed the All-out Warfare and Hazard Zone modes at  E3 2021, there was little mention of the third game mode, simply listed as “redacted.” Recently, new information has come to light about this secret game mode thanks to a trusted Battlefield leaker. Tom Henderson, who also happened to leak Battlefield 2042’s name, believes that the mystery game mode will be a sandbox that includes remastered maps from older Battlefield games.

In a recent YouTube video, Henderson stated that the mode might be called Battlefield Hub, which is supposed to be the “ultimate sandbox experience” for players. The leaks also suggest that this sandbox will feature different weapons and vehicles from past Battlefield titles, in addition to the return of fan-favorite maps. According to the game’s website, the third mode is “designed as a love letter” to fans, hinting at the return of classic maps and content from previous titles. Battlefield 2042 also won’t include a campaign or a battle royale mode. Having a massive sandbox experience, instead, makes a lot of sense.


A little less competition

Battlefield Hub is a fun game mode for those looking to take a break from highly competitive gameplay. The nature of this sandbox experience means that players can drop into the battlefield without picking specific classes. In addition, this game mode will likely feature an unbalanced system, as the main focus is on entertaining players with a fun and creative new way to play Battlefield. Battlefield 2042's sandbox game mode

As always, take this information with a pinch of salt until EA or DICE reveal the third game mode. Thankfully, the wait shouldn’t be too long as an official announcement is coming soon. The EA Play Live event taking place on July 22 will bring more information regarding Battlefield 2042’s mystery game mode.

Battlefield 2042 will release on October 22 2021 for PC.

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