Hiding behind things will not be mandatory.

New mixes with old in this released list of Battlefield 4 game modes. There are seven in all, to be playable across the game’s ten maps. Every mode can be played on every map, though the blog post does say that some flag layouts and zoning changes will occur depending on the mode chosen.

Here’s a round-up of each of the seven:

Conquest (64 players on PC, optional Commander Mode) – The “quintessential Battlefield mode.” Infantry and vehicle combat of all types, with the overall goal of capturing flags, killing enemy soldiers and lowering your opponents’ ticket counter to zero.

Domination (20 players on PC, no Commander Mode) – As above with the capturing flags and lowering the counter; but this is an infantry only mode. Closer maps. Tighter, with more close quarters fighting.

Obliteration (32 players on PC, optional Commander Mode) – One of two new game modes for Battlefield 4. A bomb will randomly spawn in a location, both teams fight to pick it up and drop/arm it at three locations belonging to the opposition. Each time a bomb detonates, another randomly pops up.

Defuse (5 vs 5 on PC, no Commander Mode) – The other new game mode. Everybody has a single life, so a successful kill or foolish blunder will swing the odds quite radically. You can win by killing all of your foes, or by arming and detonating a set objective.

Team Deathmatch (20 players on PC, no Commander Mode) – C’mon, it’s team deathmatch. You know how this works.

Rush (32 players on PC, optional Commander Mode) – Everybody pretends to be in the band Rush and strives to be the first to record the 1981 album Moving Pict … wait, what? No that’s not right at all. As in previous Battlefield titles, the attacking side has to arm and detonate a pair of MCOM stations in each zone of the map and the defenders have to prevent that from happening. MCOM stations keep spawning until the attackers have destroyed six, or the defenders have killed off enough of the aggressors.

Squad Deathmatch (16 players on PC, no Commander Mode) – Four squads face off with “limited” vehicle support and must be the first to a pre-determined number of kills. Whichever team does, wins. Simple.

That’s your lot. There’s no sign of things like Scavenger or Air Superiority yet, but I wouldn’t rule out the inclusion of modes like that in eventual DLC packages. Battlefield 4 is due for release on 29 October.

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