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Assault Rifles, or ARs, are one of the more popular gun types in Modern Warfare 3. With high damage and impressive fire rates, they can be quite deadly. Our build guide for the MTZ-556 is a good example of how versatile they can be.

Since there are a lot of AR-type weapons in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), we’ll go over what we think is the single best AR overall.

Modern Warfare 3 (MW3): Best AR class weapon

Since most ARs in Modern Warfare are somewhat balanced, not all will stick out. However, if you’re a fan of the M4, you’ll be glad to know it’s probably the best of the best ARs. On top of that, the M4 is one of the earliest guns to earn in the game. It’s more of a balanced weapon you can fight in any range. If you remember from older Call of Duty games, you can recall that the holder of the M4 would be in the top 3. This boils down to how dependable it can be for any type of player. 

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But to get the most of out it, you should be engaging enemies from either medium or close range. Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 3 don’t have a learning curve or don’t suffer in any category. The M4 is a highlight of that because it’s in that perfect middle ground between high damage and reliable accuracy. 

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Additionally, the more you play Modern Warfare 3, the more upgrades you can get. While each weapon does comprise quite a bit in the game, the M4 seems to be a different story. It would be a good idea to stick with the M4 in the long run. Because after a certain point, you get Aftermarket Parts. When you use this mechanic, the gun changes. Imagine taking all the best parts of the M4 and making it something even more deadly. 

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