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Early on in Fire Emblem Engage, you are joined by the royal prince of Firene, Alfred, and his royal retainers. One of these retainers is the archer, Etie. Etie is the first archer you receive in Fire Emblem Engage, and is a really good archer at that, meaning she’ll probably be your go-to archer for a long time. This means it’s important to know Etie’s best class and gifts in Fire Emblem Engage, so let’s talk about it.

Best class and gifts for Etie in Fire Emblem Engage

The best class for Etie in Fire Emblem Engage is the advanced class Sniper. This class utilizes her great archery skills alongside boosting the stats that she needs to be this universe’s Hawkeye. This class, unlike other classes in Engage, isn’t unique to Etie, as she doesn’t receive a unique class. What this class does offer, though, is the best performance when it comes to being a hard-hitting archer.

Fire Emblem Engage Thicket Terrain Bonus

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Best skills

The exclusive skill that the Sniper class gets is actually really good for Etie as well. The skill is called ‘No Distractions,’ and it causes a +10 Crit when used against enemies that can’t counter you. This is extremely useful for Etie because, as an archer, she more often than not fights enemies who physically can’t hit her, meaning this skill will come in clutch during almost every attack.

Another good skill for Etie in Fire Emblem Engage is ‘Canter’ (inherit it from Emblem Sigurd), which lets her move after attacking. The distance moved after attacking increases from two to three spaces if you bond with Sigurd enough. This skill is worthwhile due to the fact that Etie can get out of danger if needed after attacking. It’s a handy skill to have if you don’t have a close-range bow equipped for her to deal with sword, lance, or axe users.

Other good skills include Emblem Byleth’s Divine pulse, which can change missed attacks into hits. There’s also Emblem Lyn’s Alacrity, which if you have enough speed lets you attack twice before the enemy can attack. These skills are all Emblem-dependent, so be wary of who you’re partnering with. You don’t want to waste SP inheriting skills you could have by simply engaging with a different Emblem.

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Etie Gifts Fire Emblem Engage

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Best gifts for Etie in Fire Emblem Engage

Etie enjoys a variety of gifts. She loves gifts such as Lentil Flower, Training Weights, Flower Wreath, Bandages, Tea Leaves, and Dried Meat. Etie also enjoys the general gift that everyone enjoys, which is the Spirit Gem. The Pretty Pebble gift will slightly boost her Support, too.

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Fire Emblem Engage is available to purchase from the Nintendo Store.

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